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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

GPP finish

Grandma Pitty Poo by Keslyns Designs was a fast finish, i do love this design, every stitch was such a joy to do. I'm really pleased with how its turned out and decided it would be best framed. DH thinks i should enter this in the show at the weekend together with my other entries. Lots of baking for the cookery category to do as well and put 'keep off' stickers on the tins so the family dont eat them beforehand LOL

Here we go again, the start of another month and time to update the 'to do' list as a reminder for myself whats to be done in September. Even though August was a bit of a difficult month for us here i did manage to get everything done i hoped to. The mail art exch was sent and received by my partner and i received mine too, reveal is at the weekend so i'll be able to share them with you then. Beatrix had some attention too with 3 motifs added. Both SAL's are up to date and the monthly ornie was stitched.

Hope you all had a productive August too. The nights seem to be drawing in faster each day, so i guess that means more stitching time as autumn approaches and we get curled up inside on the darker/cooler evenings.

Take care, love and {hugs}


  1. A lovely finish good luck at the show. Know what you mean about the darkening nights, I'm afraid I hate the winters.

  2. A lovely finish...well done you.
    You are absolutely right..I cannot wait to get started on the socks. I bought 7 balls of the happy wool as the shop was no longer going to stock I am desperate to get happy sock knitting lol!

  3. Julie what a beautiful finish! You did a beautiful job.
    Our nights are getting dark earlier now. I see Fall in the air more and more each day. I may have to break out my knitting needles soon :)

  4. Very pretty ,Well done you , and yes I agree you should enter it in the show!! We don't have any shows near me, not that I know of anyway!
    Well done on getting everything done even with the added stress! (Hugs)

  5. That is beautiful! I can see why it would be enjoyable to do! You bake too, Julie!! You never cease to amaze me!! Good luck at the show!!!

  6. A beautiful finish, Julie. Congrats! Hope all goes well with the show this weekend.

  7. Hi Julie

    A beautiful finshed piece well done and yes now the evenings are drawing in more stitching time wahooo!
    Hugs and Blessings

    Chris x

  8. GPP turned out awesome, Julie. It is surely a winner.

  9. Its gorgeous Julie well done you xx

  10. Lovely finish! Hope the show went well

  11. What can I say Julie, yet another beautiful piece, hugs Stephie, x

  12. That is so pretty.

    So come on, we want to know about the show.


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