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Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween

Just flying in on my broomstick today with a catch up post as we've come to the end of yet another month.

October you whizzed by even faster than last month....or was it just me thought that .... so what have I been crafting?

Last night we had a lovely fun Halloween party at the Craftshare group.  Most of us dressed up and our recent autumn/Halloween/bonfire night hanging was perfect on the wall in the room. The ladies really did a great job with this one.

A little gift was given to all, a lovely touch by the ladies who run the group.  A jar full of crafting goodies for us to use in the coming weeks.

The autumnal themed hanging will be coming down next week and the poppy one will be put back up for the remembrance period. 

The autumn one will return again for a short time and then we'll all be busy working on a Christmas one to be hung in time for the festivities.... 9 weeks did I hear someone say? 

We've been asked to make Christmas gifts.  A rabbit family have come to life on my knitting needles.

I've been really excited, one quilting lady has shown me how to make a lovely patchwork project.  I've started it and its FANTASTIC. I'm so thrilled with how its turning out.  Its going to be a gift so I can't show that here just in case the person sees it. 

A birthday card has been stitched and posted out early October.  The recipient loved it.

A new start, another Christmas gift (yes Linda, this is the one I was supposed to be SAL'ing with you and yours is almost finished lol)

A little light reading, of course its the annual JCS ornament magazine.  A lot of ladies have said they were disappointed with it, but I found quite a few I like this time.  I have them all from the year 2000 and often look at them for inspiration when finishing off items.

Another little stitch project has been completed, I cant show that till its been received and I have a knitting project on the needles that I seem to have forgotten to take a snap of.

The monthly challenge is stitched, that just needs to be finished off, mine will be late for the album this time.  It was stitched in plenty of time, sat there on my table awaiting the finishing and here we are the last day of the month and it's still sitting there unfinished..... sorry Christine.

Well that about wraps up October, I hope you've all had a good month. The weather here in the UK has been strange, cold one day and decidedly warm the next. Today the suns out and it's a whopping 19 degrees, very weird as we head into November tomorrow.  It's usually the time to break out the sweaters but mine are still tucked up in the back of the wardrobe.  No doubt now I've said that we'll be in for a cold spell......... ha ha did I really type that!

Take care and make time in your busy life to craft, it's the best hobby there is!


Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Santa Village...a finish not a WIP

I've got a smile on my face today, the final stitch has been put into Hot Cocoa Café, cottage number 12 in the Santa Village series by Country Cottage Needleworks.

I started Santa Village as a SAL on the Needlecraft Haven forum 30th January 2013 and have been stitching each Wednesday evening with the ladies until recently when I decided to focus on them to make sure i finished the last two this year and have them ready for the festive season.  The final stitch going in last night 6th October 2014.

Fabric chosen - 32ct flax belfast linen and I chose to use DMC threads.

Hot Cocoa Café
They look wonderful all 12 together....
A lot of people stitched them on one large piece of linen and they look really nice like that, but I decided to do mine individually and i think they are going to be Christmas bunting to hang in my conservatory over the festive season, but that could all change if I have another idea before I get the fabric and the sewing machine out!
Another smiley face day this week was Sunday.  A florist stood at my front door with a gift.  "Happy Grandparents Day" she said .... I didn't know it was Grandparents Day, did you? 
She handed me this lovely floral arrangement and small box of choccies.  As I only have 1 granddaughter i didn't need to call  M C Beaton's famous detective Agatha Raisin to suss out who sent them.....what a nice treat.  My daughter was thrilled with her little surprise and so were we.

Inside the little box were these .... unfortunately they are no longer in the box as DH and i have shared them, very nice they were too.

Last time i asked if anyone would like CCN Silent Night to stitch. As per Sallys instructions when i won it on her blog, i have stitched it and now it's time for it to travel on...... 
Heather was the only one who asked for it, so it's yours Heather.  Please can you let me have your address and i'll mail it out to you.  I hope you enjoy stitching it as much as i did.
I've got a vey long appointment at the hospital tomorrow for some further investigations, better find a little stitching project to put in my bag in case i am waiting around a long time.
Sending love and {hugs} to you all, i know a couple of ladies out there who could really do with them right now as life is not being too kind to them.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Look who's here.....

When I was a young girl, many moons ago now, on the classroom wall at school there was a huge map of the big wide world.  All the countries were different colours and it seemed such a vast place. The teacher would point out the UK and remind us that we were a little island compared to Europe and the USA and other larger countries.

I've grown a lot since then and so has technology and how we communicate with people.  We can now chat via Skype to folks in these countries so far away and phone calls are cheaper or even free.   Over the last few years I've formed quite a few friendships with stitchers and crafters across the world.

It's always nice to chat via email and blogs etc and hear news, you think that you will never meet some of these people as they live to far away.  What's even better though is when you can actually meet up in person.

Gillie, a British lady now living in Michigan in the USA and i have been doing a SAL earlier this year of Elizabeth Designs Nature's Alphabet.  Mine is finished but Gillie still has a little to do on hers.

She is in the UK this week and was passing though my city so emailed to ask if we could possibly have a meet in person ...... yes please!!

We met a 5 minute drive from me at a local small garden centre before she was heading up north to meet more friendly stitchers.  We had a lovely time and of course I had to take along my finish.  She's promised to get on with hers now and get it finished so we can perhaps do something else together.

Here's the proof Gillie that mine is done and you have seen it ..... get stitching!
I took along my latest little finish to give to her as a reminder of our first meeting.  A little biscornu that I had been doing at the Craftshare.  Some of the other ladies have been making one too as they were surprised how 2 little squares of fabric could turn into such a funny shaped pincushion. 
Not my best work as its on 14ct aida and the design is a quick made up little stitch......
I'd added my name and date to it as a reminder and Gillie liked it.

Thanks Gillie for taking time out of your trip to spend a couple of hours with me, it was very enjoyable and lovely to meet you.  Have a wonderful time with your friends before you head off home again across the sea.
You know what folks, we might connect through the World Wide Web but that huge world that was once out there is a small world these days.  Who would have thought that little girl looking at the map all those years ago thinking about how folks live in other countries would be sitting drinking coffee and eating cake all those years later in her own neighbourhood through the power of technology and friendship.
AND .... next month another visitor from the USA will be stopping by at the twice yearly meet up, she's coming over for her first trip abroad to the UK to meet us stitchers and spend time with a good friend of hers.  Two visitors in two months from across the pond......exciting stuff!