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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Santa Village...a finish not a WIP

I've got a smile on my face today, the final stitch has been put into Hot Cocoa Café, cottage number 12 in the Santa Village series by Country Cottage Needleworks.

I started Santa Village as a SAL on the Needlecraft Haven forum 30th January 2013 and have been stitching each Wednesday evening with the ladies until recently when I decided to focus on them to make sure i finished the last two this year and have them ready for the festive season.  The final stitch going in last night 6th October 2014.

Fabric chosen - 32ct flax belfast linen and I chose to use DMC threads.

Hot Cocoa Café
They look wonderful all 12 together....
A lot of people stitched them on one large piece of linen and they look really nice like that, but I decided to do mine individually and i think they are going to be Christmas bunting to hang in my conservatory over the festive season, but that could all change if I have another idea before I get the fabric and the sewing machine out!
Another smiley face day this week was Sunday.  A florist stood at my front door with a gift.  "Happy Grandparents Day" she said .... I didn't know it was Grandparents Day, did you? 
She handed me this lovely floral arrangement and small box of choccies.  As I only have 1 granddaughter i didn't need to call  M C Beaton's famous detective Agatha Raisin to suss out who sent them.....what a nice treat.  My daughter was thrilled with her little surprise and so were we.

Inside the little box were these .... unfortunately they are no longer in the box as DH and i have shared them, very nice they were too.

Last time i asked if anyone would like CCN Silent Night to stitch. As per Sallys instructions when i won it on her blog, i have stitched it and now it's time for it to travel on...... 
Heather was the only one who asked for it, so it's yours Heather.  Please can you let me have your address and i'll mail it out to you.  I hope you enjoy stitching it as much as i did.
I've got a vey long appointment at the hospital tomorrow for some further investigations, better find a little stitching project to put in my bag in case i am waiting around a long time.
Sending love and {hugs} to you all, i know a couple of ladies out there who could really do with them right now as life is not being too kind to them.


  1. Congratulations Julie!! What a finish! The idea of a bunting is just perfect ;)

  2. Congrats on your finish, it's beautiful! I bought all of these last year but never started them. Maybe I should so they will be ready for next Christmas!

  3. Oh my! Your Santas village stitches are wonderful... love the pretty colours :)
    They look brilliant all together.
    Oh I love smiley face days :) Lovely flowers and mmm chocolates :)
    Good luck at the hospital...
    Smiles :)

  4. Congratulations on a great finish Julie - lovely surprise too for Grandparents Day :-)

  5. Well done on your finish, look forward to seeing how you finish them off. What a wonderful daughter you have, the little things like this always make life easier xx

  6. Congratulations on your fantastic finish Julie. Looking forward to seeing how you display them all.

    What a wonderful surprise for Grandparents Day!

    Congratulations to Heather! So happy she will receiving Silent Night. Glad you enjoyed stitching it Julie.

  7. Congratulations on finishing Santa's village. I bought them all as they came out this month but have yet to get round to stitching them...I still have Lizzie Kates Mystery SAL from last year to finish :S

    Congrats to Heather on winning the chart, I would of loved to enter but a lot of things going on at home at the moment...perhaps if I follow the pattern around once things have settled I can put my name in the hat :)

  8. I forgot to say I hope all goes at the hospital x

  9. Great finish Julie, they'll make super bunting. Lovely flowers too.

  10. A wonderful finish Julie..whatever you do with them, I know it will look amazing. Grandparents day? Really? This just gets better lol x A wonderful surprise xx

  11. Lovely post Julie, love all your little houses and lovely gift to nannie.

  12. Congratulations on such a wonderful finish :-) I think they will look great as bunting :-)

    Hope all goes well at the hospital tomorrow, I'll be thinking of you. xx

  13. Congrats on finishing all twelve houses! They are gorgeous. What a nice gift you received for Grandparents Day! Hope all goes well with your hospital visit.

  14. Congratulations on a great finish ...- lovely surprise too for Grandparents Day ..xxxoxxx

  15. Good luck at the hospital . I will be thinking of you .
    Love all of your Santa finishes. They will look amazing all finished up as bunting. What a great idea .x

  16. Congratulations on your Santa's Village finishes! I think bunting is a great idea. And how nice of your daughter and family to remember you on grandparents' day. The flowers are lovely and I am sure the chocolates were delicious! Hope all goes well with your hospital visit.

  17. Good luck tomorrow Julie, I hope all goes well and you get some answers. Lovely stitching, as always - bunting sounds like a great way to finish them.

  18. What a nifty idea to make them into buntings! I always think of those as an afghan but one can only have so many blankets!

    That was a wonderful Grandparents Day gift too! The little chocolates are (were) cute.

    Hope the doctor's visit goes well~

  19. Oh Julie, they are just stunning, all the little Santa's cottages together. What a lovely idea to present them like a bunting. Looking forward to seeing a picture of it.

    Your little granddaughter is such a sweetie to send flowers and chocolates for Grandparents' Day.

  20. Whoo hoo Miss Julie a wonderful finish for the parlour, thinking of you today and hoping all goes well. ahhh how sweet of the little lady know it was grandparents day (i guess mine did not know lol).
    Look forward to seeing the new start in the parlour if you feel up to it.

  21. Yay for finishing the Santa's Village series! I can't wait to see how you finish them up :)

  22. Yippee!! They all look wonderful, Julie. I know how long those little houses can take to stitch--that is a lot of hours you have invested in them :)

    How sweet of your little granddaughter--both the flowers and chocolates look delightful.

    I hope your hospital appointments weren't too tiring and you were able to stitch while waiting... Thinking of you, Julie!

  23. Congratulations for a Hapopy Dance after nearly two years of stitching! You will miss these designs now they are done. But they will look lovely as bunting.

    I did send my parents a card for Grandparents' Day when my son was first born 12 years ago but as it always falls just after my Dad's birthday I didn't keep it up! It's hard enough knowing what to buy Dad anyway without two events in one weekend LOL.
    Besides I gave them the best gift ever - grandchildren!!

  24. Congrats on finishing your village!!!! They look great. :)

  25. How satisfying to have completed all 12, Julie.

  26. Congrats on the finish. I need to stitch my village. This inspires me to get back to it.

  27. Congratulations on the finish, they look fabulous.
    Beautiful flowers.
    Hope the hospital tests went well.

  28. Hello

    Your finishes are lovely and what a great idea to turn them into bunting!

    I loved your previous post where you met up with Gillie - how nice to meet a fellow blogger!
    Happy weekend.

  29. Julie- absolutely amazing cross stitch pieces-- they are gorgeous and will be wonderful as a bunting. I'm amazed-- truly an awesome project!
    Thank you for your visit and your kind words--

  30. Hope all went well at the hospital and you were able to get everything resolved. Going into the holidays it's no fun to have to be dealing with health issues. Loved the Santa's Village series you finished, they are all so cute. I think a bunting is a blanket? If so, I think they'd be fantastic done up into a quilt, it would be quite fun picking out the fabric to trim them all with. What a great grandparents surprise too, the chocolates look quite yummy :)

  31. Hello Julie! Had to pop over and check out your blog. I adore the village pieces. They are adorable and I think your idea for finishing them is fantastic. Can't wait to see them completed. :-)


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