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Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween

Just flying in on my broomstick today with a catch up post as we've come to the end of yet another month.

October you whizzed by even faster than last month....or was it just me thought that .... so what have I been crafting?

Last night we had a lovely fun Halloween party at the Craftshare group.  Most of us dressed up and our recent autumn/Halloween/bonfire night hanging was perfect on the wall in the room. The ladies really did a great job with this one.

A little gift was given to all, a lovely touch by the ladies who run the group.  A jar full of crafting goodies for us to use in the coming weeks.

The autumnal themed hanging will be coming down next week and the poppy one will be put back up for the remembrance period. 

The autumn one will return again for a short time and then we'll all be busy working on a Christmas one to be hung in time for the festivities.... 9 weeks did I hear someone say? 

We've been asked to make Christmas gifts.  A rabbit family have come to life on my knitting needles.

I've been really excited, one quilting lady has shown me how to make a lovely patchwork project.  I've started it and its FANTASTIC. I'm so thrilled with how its turning out.  Its going to be a gift so I can't show that here just in case the person sees it. 

A birthday card has been stitched and posted out early October.  The recipient loved it.

A new start, another Christmas gift (yes Linda, this is the one I was supposed to be SAL'ing with you and yours is almost finished lol)

A little light reading, of course its the annual JCS ornament magazine.  A lot of ladies have said they were disappointed with it, but I found quite a few I like this time.  I have them all from the year 2000 and often look at them for inspiration when finishing off items.

Another little stitch project has been completed, I cant show that till its been received and I have a knitting project on the needles that I seem to have forgotten to take a snap of.

The monthly challenge is stitched, that just needs to be finished off, mine will be late for the album this time.  It was stitched in plenty of time, sat there on my table awaiting the finishing and here we are the last day of the month and it's still sitting there unfinished..... sorry Christine.

Well that about wraps up October, I hope you've all had a good month. The weather here in the UK has been strange, cold one day and decidedly warm the next. Today the suns out and it's a whopping 19 degrees, very weird as we head into November tomorrow.  It's usually the time to break out the sweaters but mine are still tucked up in the back of the wardrobe.  No doubt now I've said that we'll be in for a cold spell......... ha ha did I really type that!

Take care and make time in your busy life to craft, it's the best hobby there is!



  1. What an adorable bunny family! And the Holy Night stitch is going to be beautiful!!

  2. That Christmas stitch is starting out wonderfully! The birthday card is especially sweet.

  3. Great post again but my favourite of all was the adorable bunny family. This is just too cute :)

  4. We are enjoying the heat in Hampshire, but tomorrow and next week back to normal weather, rain and much colder

  5. I love the bunny family. They are sooo gorgeous. Your very clever. Can't wait to see what the quilting project is xx

  6. Seymore and Miss Rose and the girls send hugs and kisses . they have been out enjoying the sunshine and it is so warm here today , weather seems to be all to pot. Your bunny family will be well received I am sure, Oh Miss Julie I do hope we shall be able to see your new project soon , I managed to do a blogpost at long last . I feel as if I am back again properly now.
    Speak soon.

  7. Lovely new bunny family Julie - I'm looking forward to the JCS magazine

  8. Lovely stitching and the set of Bunnies are beautiful.
    Yes this month has flown again.
    Can't keep up with time , ha.
    Happy Halloween.

  9. Love the bunny family and the halloween and poppy wall hangings.

    I wasn't disappointed with JCS magazine either.

  10. Oh my! That bunny family! I have gone back twice to look again. So precious and sweet. Great job!
    The card you stitched up is so adorable also.

  11. Lovely bunny family,fab card and i can count at least 12 that i would like to stitch from mag xxx

  12. A wonderful post full of lovely photos and wonderful stitching--I LOVE that little bunny family!!

  13. Lovely things to see as always Julie. It's been so mild today with us - tonight it was still up at eighteen degrees which is amazing for this time of year in the evening. Happy Hallowe'en.

  14. Awww love that bunny family :-)
    The weather certainly has been odd but no doubt we will pay for it later on.

    Have a good weekend x

  15. Goodness Julie you've been busy! It's strangely warm here too

  16. Oh Julie! What a fun post! I love your bunnies & the bunny family is wonderful! The Happy Birthday card is wonderful as well! Where did you get that pattern? And that's a great start on O Holy Night! Beautiful!

  17. Aww such a lovely post
    Happy Halloween dear x

  18. Lovely hangings, what fun to have different ones for the different seasons/holidays. The little rabbit family was very cute, and love the kitten card, that would be a fun card for someone to receive.

  19. What fun you've been having this month! I love your different hangings for the seasons.
    I have the JCS mag but have only glanced through it, I've been focused on Hallowe'en

  20. Love the bunny family! They are so charming. :D

    I also like the birthday card; that's some crazy fuzz going on in the teapot haha.

  21. Hello Miss Julie, Lovely to see all of your photo's I have to say I love the B'day card you made I still have the Birthday cats! It is lovely to see that you are enjoying crafting in different ways

  22. Lovely post Julie. The bunny family are adorable as is the birthday card.

    Yes the weather has been rather strange hasn't it? I'm quite glad it's now come cooler but will it stay that way lol!

  23. Awwwwwwwwww. The cuteness of the bunny family all wrapped up together!! :)

  24. Those bunnies are so nice and I love the birthday card !


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