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Thursday, 27 November 2014

At last i can post pics!

Blogger has not been playing nicely, I've been trying to add pics to my post for what seems like forever and it's very frustrating and annoying. It's not the same writing a whole load of waffle with no pictures to accompany it.

Here we are almost the end of the month and my first post this month... I had some really nice things to tell you too.

A couple of weekends ago it was the autumn meeting of the ladies at Needlecraft Haven and one of them, Dusty, had flown in especially all the way from the USA. She spent a lovely week with Clare (lots of pics on Clare's blog of what they got up to and more of the meet up too, pop along and have a look).

We had a group pic on the day...

A book exchange - Choose a raffle ticket and you get the wrapped book corresponding. Mine was from Ursh. Thank Ursh, it looks an interesting read.

Good bag exchange - This time the theme was Saints as the pub we meet has been refurbished and changed its name to Saints. Clare had made cakes and under each cupcake was a ticket corresponding to the lovely selection of bags that had been filled with goodies. You chose between lemon cake and chocolate and orange - the theme for these being "Orange and Lemons say the Bells of Saint Clements"

The goody bag I received was from Angie and the Saint she chose was St Clare of Assissi. Thanks Angie, such lovely contents.

Hubby had a good idea for mine, the high street retailer Marks and Spencer has the tradename St Michael so I was able to get some things to go into my parcel with their brand name and as he is the archangel Michael I was able to add some angel goodies too. Angie received my bag, but I forgot to take a pic of what I put in it.

A raffle is always held and the proceeds are used to make the forum ad free for however long the money lasts, usually it lasts till the next meet up which is great.

We all contributed a small gift and I made a little bunny and chocolate treat parcel.

Dusty was desperate to win the bunny but it was not to be. She is a whizz with hardanger stitching so we decided to do an exchange.  I'd knit her a bunny in colours of her choice and she would make me a hardanger angel. My bunny bought its plane ticket earlier this week and is winging its way over the pond to her.

The gift I chose when it was my turn to win was these lovely earrings made my Angi, cute little owls and so sweet.

We had a wonderful time meeting Dusty. Unbeknown to her each of us had stitched a coaster with a theme of something British as a reminder of her trip.  I chose to stitch a little thatched cottage for mine. Dusty was thrilled with her surprise parcel.  (Pics of all the surprise coaster collection on Clare's blog).

It's always a lovely day meeting online friends but this time it was extra special to be able to meet Dusty, I had a great time and thanks ladies for the fun and friendship.

Early November I had another exciting day out. A trip to the NEC to the Hobbbycraft show.

An early start to join the Craftshare ladies on a bus trip. The place was heaving with people so no pics of the stands and there were quite a few that had 'no photographs please' signs up.

I did take pics of the goodies I bought whilst there.

A few little craft items and some lovely Blue Faced Leicester sheep wool to knit DH a pair of socks ....

A goody bag of things for a small cost, lots of papercrafting items that will come in handy at future craft sessions.

I do have a few pics of finished items to share with you...

The October challenge finally got made up and the pic sent to Christine for the gallery.   The design is from Little House Needleworks and can be found here.

I've been knitting quite a bit instead of stitching and have made 2 sets of covered coat hangers.

One for a Christmas gift and one for the Craftshare Christmas Fayre stall.

A little fairy doll in the making, ready to be included in Isabelle's Christmas stocking.  A lovely free download pattern from Deramores.

A bit more stitching on O Holy Night - I've done quite a bit more to it since this pic was taken.

A couple of patchwork projects are finished but i'm not able to show you those as they are gifts and I have another one in the making too. It's that time of year when we are all making secret stuff to send out as little gifts to friends and family.

A stitched Christmas ornament exchange is happening, opening day for that is Dec 1st so not long to wait. My parcel has been posted, but none received here as yet. Something to show next time.

I've also had another little early Christmas pressie treat. DH and I visited the Fabric Guild and he has bought me a self healing mat, rotary cutter and ruler as I am determined to make more use of the sewing machine next year. A few other things dropped into the basket as well ... as they do!

There is also the challenge for November, reveal day for that is Sunday, I've got a bit more stitching to do and also make it up before then, so yet again I'm running a little late and will be cutting it very close to reveal day.

There have been a few things going on at home and healthwise that have been taking my time and also things out in the wider community too this month. Another appointment arrived for further investigations for my heart at the hospital, that's next week.

The library arrived in all its glory at the community centre, things certainly have changed for the Book Borrowers with some not nice and rather spiteful and nasty comments being made and causing some trouble. There have been a few hiccups as with all new things, and we now know the local main library will be closing Dec 1st for 4 months for a big refurbishment and that's caused a lot of unrest with people who live near that and the motives of the council have been questioned why our little self service one was put in.

It's also that time of year when we all have things that really must be done ready for the 'big day' next month and computer time becomes limited a little for us all.  I'm all up to date with blog reading, you've all been so busy creating lots of lovely things and exchanging goodies. It's been nice to see what those who attended the Harrogate show bought home with them.

Today, not a lot is planned as my darling granddaughter has shared her cold germs with and I really need to get rid of it before next weeks hospital visit.  

I'd like to end by wishing all my US readers a very happy Thanksgiving.  I hope you are having a wonderful time celebrating with your families and loved ones. 

I am very thankful today to have finally been able to actually complete a blog post with pics and not walk away from the computer feeling aggravated by blogger!   Has anyone else been having problems recently?

Thanks for stopping by

Blessings to you all


  1. I've been frustrated with blogger quite a bit lately as well. Some things it does okay and others it makes an awful mess of! Hopefully it gets better. :)

    This post is filled with all sorts of goodies! You've been so busy~ I like the covered coat hangers; I haven't seen anything like that before. It's amazing how things just happen to fall into your shopping basket. ;)

    Hope you get to feeling better soon!

  2. A wonderful post filled with stitching, crafting, and happenings--you definitely had a busy November!!

    I hope you are feeling better soon, and that your appointment next week goes well!

  3. Well hooray! I am glad you are able to post normally now. Your exchanges are wonderful! How fun for you and Dusty. Can't wait to see the angel she makes you.
    Oh your knit hangers are super. And Isabelle's little fairy doll is going to be great. :)
    I hope you get over that cold quickly Julie.

  4. Great blog Julie, it's good to see you blogging. Blogger is tempremental at times.

    Lovely stitching and new stash - hope the germs disappear soon x x

  5. Wonderful post and pictures! I really like your bunny and your knitted hangers. You are so talented!! Sounds like it was a fun get together -- and lots of shopping, too! Hope you feel better soon!


  6. Blogger has been flipping my pictures upside down and it's driving me crazy :) It looks like you have been really busy, everything is lovely :)

  7. Blogger is definitely a pain at times. Love the bunny :) and the fairy doll.

    Our library was closed for nearly a year. They found asbestos when they were doing repairs. Decided it was going to be too costly. So we had a mobile one in city square until this time last year while they converted a building into the new library. It's self service and a bit impersonal, you rarely see a librarian. But I am used to it now.

  8. Such a great post, Julie. Especially about the meet up with Dusty and i too love her hardanger pieces.

  9. You certainly had a busy month! Glad you had a great time with stitchy friends. Such lovely projects you have made. Hope all goes well with the doctor.

  10. Wow--such a busy month, Julie, and now you have a cold :( Oh, well, I'm sure your sweet granddaughter is worth all the germs she shares :)

    Love your newest bunny and those pretty hangers you created as well as the LYN snowmen ornament. I stitched him, too--such a cutie-pie lost amongst the pines.

    Feel better soon--hope December is a good month for you, Julie :)

  11. Yeeeeesh, that is a busy month! So much going on! And so many goodies here. :)
    The pretty hangers are SO darling. Can't wait to see the fairy doll all finished up. Just the sneak peek is cute.

    Hope you feel better soon and your tests go well!!!! *hugs*

  12. So good that you can post again and show your pictures. And what a post it is, a post about everything in your corner of the world. It was so interesting to read about it all.

    Nice to read that your craft club could meet Dusty and that you all had a lovely time together. I'm sure that she was thrilled by all the coasters you made for her as a memory of her visit to the UK.

  13. I ignored my blog for so long that I would not have noticed any But I am going to try and post more often in the future. I really miss catching up with my online friends. You have had some great fun meeting up with the gang from NH. I have neglected that too. :-(

    You are busy with lots of goodies. I love your LHN ornie. It is a pattern I have been wanting to do for some time. Congratulations of your finish. Must pop over and look at the gallery on NH.

    Hugs from Holland,

  14. What a lovely post Julie. So nice to see you all in the photo. Looks like you all had a wonderful time.

    Lots of lovely crafting too. Glad you had a good time at the show. I looked at sock wool when I went to Harrogate but left it on the shelf as I haven't tried to knit any yet!

    I hope your appointment goes well. Hugs x

  15. Lots of lovely pictures to look at along with your read. Sounds like a lot of fun at the get together you had, and the coasters as a souviner for her were a fantastic idea, yours looked so pretty. Enjoyed too seeing your progress on holy night. Hope your cold is gone by now. Sue

  16. A post well worth waiting for!! Sounds like a fantastic get together especially having Dusty visiting. I am sure she had excess baggage on the journey home, most of it stitching related LOL.

    Sorry things outside the stitching world not going so well, especially the library fiasco. Hope it settles in the New Year.


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