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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Festive stuff...

Advent santa is out and a nice little treat each day for me of a lindt choccie, it's a busy time for wives, mothers and grandmothers this month and we deserve a little luxury at the end of the day don't we?

The tree is up .....

My late MIL's hand knitted nativity scene is out of the box again. A very special part of our Christmas decorations .....

and at the community centre the Craftshare have put up a little advent too, no gifts in this one, just a little something to brighten up the lounge.  Another one for New Year being created.

The November challenge was completed in time. A lovely design last month found by Christine here.  Only 3 in the gallery this month.  I decided on a simple finish for mine as the stitched area was quite busy.  The hanger using some of the ribbon I purchased last month at the NEC finished it off perfectly. The fabric it sits on was used for the backing.

A gorgeous ornament arrived for me in the annual Christmas ornament exchange at NH.  Jaclyn (no blog) sent to me.   Thank you Jaclyn, its beautiful and sits on my tree looking fabulous.

I sent out to Deb (no blog).  The first time I have done this finish having seen it when one of the craftshare ladies brought in one she had created.  Very simple, just 2 squares stitched a bit like a biscornu square - although you have to make sure the design goes towards the corners as when you whip stitch it together and then sew halfway along the folded edges and turn it inside out that is the part that is visible.  A beaded dangly bit added to the middle, a ribbon hanger and hey presto a little if a bit fiddly pretty ornament.  Deb loved it so that pleased me.

My bunny made a safe journey over the pond to Dusty.  She's named her Miss Thistle Sage Bunnyton of England.

Back in the autumn I won a gift voucher at a local harvest festival.  You had to name the scarecrow and I guessed correctly her name.  £25 to spend at the Royal Horticultural Society website.  Having browsed the site I came across this lovely figgy pudding apron, I don't have a Christmas apron

and lookie ...... the little figgy pudding is hand crocheted.  It's so delightful and being a little handcrafted makes it even more lovely.

This past week I've been stitching a little birthday gift so no pic of that yet and I've done more on O Holy Night, I forgot to take a pic of that as its on the frame so i'll wait to show you that next time, this posts seems to have got a bit long as it is.

Hope you are all progressing with Christmas plans and are calm and relaxed.  All's going well here and I seem to be quite organised so far which is a surprise to me, parcels posted, cards written and posted.  A few gifts left to deliver and a couple of Christmas parties next week to celebrate with friends which will be nice.

Love and blessings coming your way


  1. So many wonderful things!! The nativity is amazing. :-)

  2. Very festive - lovely ornaments sent and received :-) great apron too

  3. Your decorations are beautiful, love that nativity scene !

  4. What a wonderful family heirloom.
    Dusty's bunny is adorable. And your Christmas apron is sweet!

  5. What a lovely Nativity Scene.I love your ornament of the month,thank you for the link to that.

  6. A very festive post! And, the ornaments sent and received are all lovely!!

  7. A lovely post with a beautiful nativity scene and an adorable Miss Thistle ;)

  8. you are ahead of me with the Christmas game this year Julie, i haven't even go my tree up yet, (hangs head in shame).

    I love what you made for you ornament exchange, it looks very complicated.

    I have been the recipient of one of your posted parcels :-) It arrived in the post yesterday - thank you so much, it's been safely stowed away and i will try not to peek, lol

    have a great week

  9. Hi Julie, love all the ornaments, sent and received. The apron is cute, especially with the crocheted pudding!

  10. What lovely stitching Julie! I love your new apron! It's so adorable!

    What a great name for the bunny!

    Your tree is lovely!

  11. Very seasonal post! Your ornie looks very complicated but beautiful.
    The one from Jaclyn is lovely too, just my taste.

  12. What lovely festive pics,
    Love the figgy pudding xx
    I hope you and yours have a lovely Christmas xx

  13. Lindt is the best! I have some peppermint white chocolate truffles in my candy dish right now. :)
    So many little lovelies and I can see why the nativity scene would be so special. It's a wonderful handmade keepsake. Wee little cute! Love it. :)

  14. Oh my-- your hand knitted nativity is an absolute treasure. What a wonderful keepsake for your family....

    So many beautiful creations-- lovely stitches. Your little bunny is precious.

    The happiest of holidays is my wish for you and yours--


  15. What a lovely post Julie. Love your ornies and the crochet pudding is so cute. X

  16. Gorgeous post. I havent even started getting ready for seems to have come out of nowhere. I love that finish: very unusual. Def. one to try

  17. Your tree is gorgeous as is your lovely chocolate filled advent.

    Beautiful stitching as always.

    Love the apron you bought with your gift voucher.

    Happy Christmas to you and yours.

  18. So lovely to see all these beautiful ornaments. And your advent calendar with Lindt chocolates is really a treat. For me it was always the first thing in the morning to open the little door and to eat the chocolate treat, lol. Waiting until the evening was never the question, lol.

  19. I love your Santa advent calendar. I think all the ladies do work extra hard this time of year so having something fun like this is a cute way to end a hard day. :D Love your apron win too. Congrats on it! :D

  20. Everything looks so festive and lovely!

  21. Such a fun, Christmasy post, Julie! Everything looks great and I so love the name you gave your latest bunny :) Darling!!

    Enjoy this next week leading up to Christmas, Julie--I wish I were half as organized as you sound :)

    Wishing you and your family all the blessings of the Christmas season...

  22. Gorgeous ornaments, can't quite get my head around how yours is made.
    Love the Christmas apron and your tree looks fabulous.
    Wishing you a peaceful Christmas.

  23. You are busy as ever, Julie. A lovely selection of photos.


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