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Sunday, 30 March 2008

Productive Weekend ...

No pics to show you unfortunately but i have been busy this weekend

Easter weekend at TS had lots of competitions held, i decided to offer a knitted bunny for mine. When i gave DH the bowl to draw a name last Monday he decided that 2 lucky ladies would win one as there were 17 entries (As i said to him, will you be knitting and making up the 2nd one? - errrr NO didn't think so!) we did draw 2 names and Missy and Rae were the winners. This week i have knitted them and today they were born. As soon as they have been on their first aeroplane trip (hope they don't get travel sick lol)and arrived in the US i'll introduce you to them.

I am also ahead of myself with the mini mystery for April at TS. A real difficult one this month as the girls who are doing this can confirm. If i say .... plan - stitch 2 hours - disappointment - 2 valium and a whisky (only kidding) - change idea and stitch again - you get the message how my morning went!!! This time it all went OK and it's now ready to be posted out to my partner. I hope she likes it and will no doubt laugh at my little problem when she finds out.

Hope you all had a good weekend, the sun was shining here today so that made mine a whole lot better

Saturday, 29 March 2008

March challenge ...

This months challenge at JA was the Blue Ribbon Designs retired chart Alphabet Stitches. I used 28ct cream belfast linen and VC silk in Carribean Reef. My pincushion and pins were sent as a birthday gift to DD's BF's gran as she does a lot of sewing on her machine. She telephoned yesterday to let me know she loved it. Huge congrats to all the ladies who finished it this month, your work is superb and the album looks stunning.

Friday, 28 March 2008

Scissor Case ...

The designer of the month for March at TS is Debbie Draper, i chose a freebie called Hearts Desire and decided to have a go at a scissor case. Fabric is Silkweaver 28ct jobelan 'Plum blossom' and the thread is an anchor variegated 1320. A pic before and after made up.
Happy Stitching

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Back from the hospital ...

I'm home, the Day case ward was not in use, they had been on alert over the weekend so we had to use another area of the hospital, typical!!!

But i did have all 21 blood tests taken, some weird ones, the first one a lady came over from the lab with a vacuum flask at body temp to put the file of blood into for it to be tested within 20 minutes!! another had to be put into a dark bottle and kept in the dark and tested within 30 minutes, and a third had to be kept cold!! one has to be sent to the other end of the country (Glasgow in Scotland) to a specialist unit? i also had to drink a load of pure glucose then sit and not move for 2 hours and then have some more taken to test. That was it for today, no results have to wait to hear from them now and wait for the next round which will be EMG (electric shocks!) appointment for that to follow apparently

I do know i have protein in the spinal fluid and also strange antibodies in the blood that cause the immune system to be in constant attack, lets hope these tests will tell me exactly what i am dealing with!

Thank you for all your good thoughts and well wishes

Monday, 24 March 2008

Tiny Rose Garden

A couple of hours relaxing in a very peaceful and empty house (sheer bliss!) and my chatelaine freebie 'Tiny Rose Garden' is now looking all symetrical and lovely. It really is a nice project to stitch and uses all DMC except for the little roses. I didn't have the thread it asks for so have chosen a Vikki Clayton silk that looks a very similar colour, will see how it stitches up when i come to do them.

Tomorrow i will be taking up a bed in the hospital for the day whilst they do the tests, so if they decide i am beyond help and need to be retained for the safety of others, it's been nice knowing you LOL

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Happy Easter Sunday ...

5am i was up letting Mr Moe out and the ground was clear but by 6.30am we had 2-3 inches of snow on the ground, it was so pretty watching it out of the bedroom window.

A plan was forming of me sitting in my conservatory watching it out of the window and keeping nice and warm whilst listening to the radio and stitching Part 3 of the Papillon SAL. No such luck, the snow stopped and it was all melted away by lunchtime but i did get the SAL stitched inbetween preparing and cooking our roast beef and all the trimmings Sunday dinner.

I hope you all had a lovely Easter Sunday and didn't make yourselves sick eating too much choccie!

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Birthday cake anyone?

Happy Birthday Ashley, 23 today

My little boy who liked nothing better than sitting on your knee being read a story, is a whopping 6'4" big lad who towers above both me and his dad. He's not too big for a birthday cake and candles though and anyone who shops at Tesco will know the cake my daughter and her boyfriend have chosen for him, it caused a giggle but it's a bit too naughty to put a pic of on here!!!

He hates having his pic taken and this was a recent one we had for his apprecticeship portfolio at college that i grabbed off the PC. We're really proud of him and he's top of the class on his Vehicle Mechanics apprenticeship and is in his 7th year at college, he'll soon be more qualified than his dad and the tutor!!!

Friday, 21 March 2008

The Easter Bunny ...

Meet 'Rupert Rabbit' all knitted and made up. He was an easter gift for a friend who keeps a house rabbit. It's been ages since i did any knitting and i really enjoyed making him and he grew much quicker than my stitching recently LOL

Looks like we are in for a nasty weekend weatherwise, they're predicting snow showers! We've had the rain, hail, sun and wind today, why is it when you step out the supermarket the heavens open and as soon as you get into the car the sun comes out again!!!

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Surprises in the mail ...

Happy Spring

Another day when the post was all for me!! Sally has stitched me this lovely pillow and sent a card to wish me well on Tuesday, thank you Sally {hugs}. Kathy has been on a 'mini holiday' for a few days and found a fabric shop so she treated me to some nice fabric to back my ornaments etc, thanks Kathy. Then there was my COTM fabric from Jayne's, this month the colour is Jonquil - very pretty.

My little easter treats have been received so i can reveal them. Just a little bit of fun for 4 stitching friends ... you can't have easter without a Cadburys creme egg can you LOL
Stitchy club last night and i took Rose Garden with me. Not much stitching done as we were eating carrot cake!! I'll take a pic at the weekend, although i'm itching to do Part 3 of the Papillon SAL ....

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Unique gift ....

Today i was overwhelmed with an envelope the postie brought me. Karen has sent me this fob she has made BUT ... the beads are glass and she made them too .... how special is that? Thank you so much Karen i feel honoured that you sent me the first one.

No stitching updates to show you, i have done a couple of secret things which i will reveal later this week, and the knitting needles have been out and i'm doing a secret knitted project, i'll reveal that later this week too .. watch this space LOL

UFO night tonight at JA, i hope the ladies are busy stitching away or Mr Stick will have to sort them out LOL

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Bookmark Exchange - Part 2 ...

Yesterday i received my bookmark in the post. Rae has stitched me the Shepherds Bush freebie and it's so pretty. She also included some nice charts for me too. The second envelope was for me too and that contained a lovely surprise from Sally, thank you {hugs} - 2 lovely DMC satin range threads, i shall look forward to trying these new ones that are replacing the rayon range.

Lazy day Yesterday, i finally got myself dressed at 2pm much to the amusement of my family, not like me to be wandering around all day in my PJ's, just couldn't get myself together, so i sat and made up the monthly challenge, no pics till the reveal date at the end of the month, sorry.

It's raining here today so DH wont be going to the 'veg patch' he is hoping i will be fitting in with his alternative plans that include a visit to the DIY store .... we'll see about that LOL

Friday, 14 March 2008

Bookmark Exchange ...

Carol collects bookmarks so i had to think of something a bit different. Her favourite flower is the gerbera daisy. I found this great design in a book 'Cross Stitch Flower Gardens' by Christina Marsh. Not the conventional shape for a bookmark so i decided to make a page parker instead and included a traditional leather bookmark with the Clock Tower on it from my own City. I used 22ct fabric to make it a nice size and DMC threads.

Rose Garden is blooming too, made a good start on that last night, and i hope to continue with it over the weekend. I've finally decided what to make the challenge piece into so will hopefuly get that done and a pic emailed to Karen for the album as well. Lots of ladies have requested this retired chart this time, so the album should be full of nice finishes for us all to drool over and get ideas for future months finishes LOL

Enjoy your weekend whatever your plans

Yes Sandra the middles of the flowers are all french knots LOL

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Boing! It's Spring ...

Tuesday was UFO night at Jayne's, lots of progress made again this week, well done girls. Wednesday evening is my stitch club and i took 'Spring' with me in the hope of getting it finished (didn't quite manage it). I also took a design i had kitted up to be my new start to show the ladies, they are all excited to see how much progress i make before next week. Do you want to know what it is??

Last few stitches, charms and beads were put into Elizabeth Designs Spring Flower Sampler this afternoon. I decided to frog out 2 of the leaves on the bottom right and make them darker. I knew it would stick out like a sore thumb everytime i looked at it if i didn't. I have the other 3 seasons to go with this and will do them when the season comes up - if i can wait LOL

This afternoon was my yoga class, what better way to spend an hour or two than becomming more flexible and relaxing listening to nice tranquil music with 14 other ladies and our brilliant tutor. I am now all chilled out, which is good as i know when i'll be going into the hospital to start the tests. Easter Tuesday i'll be there for the day so not long to wait. This new guy certainly has got things moving.

Come closer and i'll whisper what my new start is. I've wanted to stitch this for ages.

Thank you for all your comments regarding my hospital visit, i don't normally share stuff like that on here, i just waffle about my stitching. I've got to know some of you a whole lot better and i feel that we share a lot of things through these blogs and i thank you all for letting me be part of your lives and for your support. BUT ...if you don't want to hear about things going on in my everyday life, please do let me know and i'll keep to the stitching talk

Diana .... see i am such a PC nerd, i pressed the publish button before i added anything here ROFLOL!!!!

Monday, 10 March 2008

Brigadoon ...

is the name of this beautiful Camelia thats in my garden - pic was taken at the weekend. There are lots of buds on it waiting to pop open but this is the 1st one this year, it's quite late. I thought i would share it and brighten your day as the weather here in the UK is awful right now, storms, high winds and non stop heavy rain and it's here for a few days they say. Stay safe blogging friends in the UK.

Brigadoon is also my all time favourite musical film. Has anyone seen it? It stars Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse(story guide) When the little scottish town of Brigadoon goes to sleep they wake up next morning and it's 100 years later ... wonder if it would be stormy and raining in 100 years if that happened when i went to bed tonight?

Karan - i saw Brig at an am-dram production and got poked and told to shut up when i started to sing so DH bought me the CD. Only 1 rule - i have to be home alone when i sing along to it! LOL

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Weekend over again!

It's great to be able to report the car rear windscreen was replaced yesterday afternoon. We have to take it for quotes for the dents/paintwork and get back to the insurance with that, but it's nice to know that my wheels are on the drive if i need them. Thank you for all your supportive comments. There was a report in the local newspaper last night about the vandalism at the allotments, apparently the local policeman will be adding this area to his rounds, that will be interesting as the gates are locked to keep out unwanted vandals!!

The hospital appt went well. As some of you know i've had neurology problems for a number of years now, well since late last year things have not been so good. My GP arranged for me to go see the consultant for a check up and Friday they rang to ask if i would go in Saturday morning. Results of the visit are that i have more tests coming with a new consultant who was really nice and supportive.

Today, i was feeling really tired and have not done a lot really. I did manage to get the border leaves finished on ED's Spring, but i think i might 'frog out' some of the leaves in the bottom border on the right hand side. There a few really pale leaves together and i'm not sure i like them, so might change a couple to the darker part of the variegated thread.

I hope you all had a nice weekend. Monday tomorrow so it's nose to the grindstone again, weekends should be 3 days long, shall i start a petition LOL

Friday, 7 March 2008

Why do young kids do this ?

this post is in red as i am very angry and sad .......

There was a report in the local newspaper that some of the allotments had been vandalised yesterday so DH took my car (the one dad left me when he passed away) up there to go and check ours. Luckily we were OK but others had not been so fortunate. As he was coming out of the car park, lots of large rocks came flying over the tall hedge and smashed my rear windscreen and made various dents into the bodywork. DH was not injured thank goodness, although he was hopping mad!! He saw 3 kids about 11 years old running off up the road. The police had to be called as i needed a crime number for the insurance company. Their words 'what can we do if you didn't see who threw the rocks' Now i have to wait till tomorrow for the back window to be replaced as they haven't got one in stock. I really needed the car tomorrow as the hospital rang today and want to see me at 9.30am ...

Thursday, 6 March 2008

So far, so good ...

Some of my blood tests came back and she said ... Quote 'I am normal' ... that made the family smile, and i'm sure some of you have other ideas too!

Tuesday was UFO night at Jayne's Attic, well done to all the ladies who take part, it's a lot of fun and the girls really do encourage each other along. Karan, I hope you can persevere with ET and the dreaded DMC metallic, you can almost see the finish line so get practising your happy dance!!

Wednesday and the stitchy club was a good night out. I decided to take 'Spring' with me this week and stitched a bit more of the border.

The March challenge piece has got a few stitches in it too. Why is it we choose a lovely fabric and colour, then when you sit down to start it you completely change your mind and have to get everything out again and choose something else, don't tell me i am the only one that does this LOL

Happy Stitching

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

St Patrick finish ...

This is the Colouring Book page for March from TS. I wanted to get it stitched up so it could go in the mail to an irish friend of mine ready for St Patricks Day, i hope she likes it. Fabric is Ozark Sampler Purple Passion.

Fabric and threads are chosen for the March Challenge at JA. The girls have chosen a retired chart by Blue Ribbon Designs called Alphabet Tree. Thank you Karen for getting permission for us to stitch this one. There are lots of ladies requesting the chart this month, so the reveal date March 29th should be an exciting one.

Thank you for your comments on the Blue Ribbon Designs - With all my Heart ('pinkie')

Monday, 3 March 2008

Stitchilicious ....

is what i call Blue Ribbon Designs - With all my Heart now it's all made up. It is so beautiful and as always the pic doesn't do it justice at all, this one is MINE !! LOL

As promised a WIP of Elizabeth Designs 'Spring'. Fabric is 28ct monacco in cream and threads are all DMC. It looks huge in this pic, but actually will only be 3.5" x 9" when finished.

I spent an hour this morning kitting up a couple of smaller projects to do this month too. The March colouring book at TS, and their designer of the month is Debbie Draper and i've had one of her freebies making its way up the 'to do' pile for a while so i'm hoping to get that done too. As soon as the JA monthly challenge is announced i'll sort out fabby and threads for that, and of course there's the Papillon SAL Part 3 out soon too, and i have a couple of surprise things planned for Easter - thats this month too, doesn't the Easter bunny know i have a busy month LOL

Happy Stitching

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Mothering Sunday

Today is Mothering Sunday in the UK, i hope you've all had a wonderful day. I was spoilt by my 2 children and received some lovely gifts and cards. They have been most helpful and on their best behaviour today... well they are both over 18!!!!

Special love and my thoughts are with those of you with angel mums and angel children