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Monday, 10 March 2008

Brigadoon ...

is the name of this beautiful Camelia thats in my garden - pic was taken at the weekend. There are lots of buds on it waiting to pop open but this is the 1st one this year, it's quite late. I thought i would share it and brighten your day as the weather here in the UK is awful right now, storms, high winds and non stop heavy rain and it's here for a few days they say. Stay safe blogging friends in the UK.

Brigadoon is also my all time favourite musical film. Has anyone seen it? It stars Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse(story guide) When the little scottish town of Brigadoon goes to sleep they wake up next morning and it's 100 years later ... wonder if it would be stormy and raining in 100 years if that happened when i went to bed tonight?

Karan - i saw Brig at an am-dram production and got poked and told to shut up when i started to sing so DH bought me the CD. Only 1 rule - i have to be home alone when i sing along to it! LOL


  1. Gorgeous flower Julie - lovely pick-me-up on a day like today. :0)
    You mentioning Brigadoon has brought back some memories: DH's DSis Helen & her DH had parts in an amdram production of it, early in her singing career. It's a reminder of happier times before cancer struck. :0)

  2. Oh that Camelia is pretty,my bush hasn't even budded yet :'(,I will take a pic when and if it does

  3. Pretty flower!! sigh...too much snow here for flowers :o(

    No, I've never seen Brigadoon. But maybe I'll see it on TCM someday.

    Tonight we go to see "10,000BC" at the theatre... I need an escape.

  4. Its many many years since I saw that film but I used to love it - will have to see if I can get a copy and watch it again. Oh the flower is beautiful btw.

  5. A beautiful flower!

    Here's stormy too and expected for the rest of the week.

  6. lovely camelia Julie, mine's a darker red and flowers later but I'll take a pic when it does.

    I've not seen Brigadoon, I'll have to see if I can get a copy some time, sounds a weepy ... my favourite lol

  7. It would be if you lived here, they didn't build the UKs first commercial windfarm here for fun!

    Beautiful camellia!

  8. That is a beautiful flower Julie. It certainly does brighten an awful day. Hope the winds aren't too bad for you. It's been awful here but I think we've been lucky.


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