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Sunday, 9 March 2008

Weekend over again!

It's great to be able to report the car rear windscreen was replaced yesterday afternoon. We have to take it for quotes for the dents/paintwork and get back to the insurance with that, but it's nice to know that my wheels are on the drive if i need them. Thank you for all your supportive comments. There was a report in the local newspaper last night about the vandalism at the allotments, apparently the local policeman will be adding this area to his rounds, that will be interesting as the gates are locked to keep out unwanted vandals!!

The hospital appt went well. As some of you know i've had neurology problems for a number of years now, well since late last year things have not been so good. My GP arranged for me to go see the consultant for a check up and Friday they rang to ask if i would go in Saturday morning. Results of the visit are that i have more tests coming with a new consultant who was really nice and supportive.

Today, i was feeling really tired and have not done a lot really. I did manage to get the border leaves finished on ED's Spring, but i think i might 'frog out' some of the leaves in the bottom border on the right hand side. There a few really pale leaves together and i'm not sure i like them, so might change a couple to the darker part of the variegated thread.

I hope you all had a nice weekend. Monday tomorrow so it's nose to the grindstone again, weekends should be 3 days long, shall i start a petition LOL


Dawn said...

Hope everything goes ok for you :)

Good news about the car although it's a shame it happened in the first place :( Nasty little buggers!

Lynn said...

glad the window was sorted quickly for you.
Hope the tests coming up give the results that you want (((hugs)))

Nice bit of stitching, a shame about the pale corner though, but that's the down side of the variagated threads isn't it?. Hope it doesn't take too much frogging ;)

Lori-Ann said...

What, no longer an "alternative exit" in your car? lol. Glad you got it fixed.

Spring looks great. I wouldn't change the leaves, but that just my oppinion.

Too many tests in life in general. Hope all goes well :o)

Mary Ann said...

Spring is looking lovely--I see what you mean about the group of pale leaves.

I hope all goes well with the tests. (hugs)

Karan said...

You'd think the police would already have the allotments on their rounds after all the previous trouble! Sheesh!
Hope all goes well with the tests Julie - will be thinking of you (((((hugs))))).

Stitchingranny said...

Hope your new consultant can help to get things sorted for you Julie.

Spring looks fine though I can see what you mean and I have to admit I would probably alter a couple of the leaves too.

Mylene said...

Hope all goes well with the test, Julie.

Spring is looking beautiful, i rather like the leaves but that's me.

Sally said...

Pleased you got your car sorted quickly. I know what I'd like to be done to the little blighters that did it.

Lovely stitching but sorry to hear about the frogging.

I hope all the tests go well and you get sorted soon.{{{{hugs}}}}