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Monday, 24 March 2008

Tiny Rose Garden

A couple of hours relaxing in a very peaceful and empty house (sheer bliss!) and my chatelaine freebie 'Tiny Rose Garden' is now looking all symetrical and lovely. It really is a nice project to stitch and uses all DMC except for the little roses. I didn't have the thread it asks for so have chosen a Vikki Clayton silk that looks a very similar colour, will see how it stitches up when i come to do them.

Tomorrow i will be taking up a bed in the hospital for the day whilst they do the tests, so if they decide i am beyond help and need to be retained for the safety of others, it's been nice knowing you LOL


  1. great start Julie, hope tomorrow goes well for you

  2. I just love the start you have made on ´Tiny Rose Garden´ Julie. This is something I´ve been wanting to stitch but haven´t found the time for it yet. LOL
    Wishing you all the best for tomorrow, will be sending you warm thoughts for the day.

  3. Tiny rose garden looks wonderful!!
    Hope all goes well today!!((Hugs))

  4. your Tiny Rose is looking very nice. I hope tomorrow goes well for you.Will be thinking of you all the best.

  5. Thinking of you today and hoping it's going OK.

    Tiny Rose Garden is so pretty so far Julie:)

  6. Hope all has gone well today Julie (((((hugs))))).
    Papillon & TRG are both beautiful.

  7. Nice project! Good job. If I were to do something symetrical... I would need to be so careful... I'm known for mistakes that don't join where they should ;o)

  8. Very good progress on Tiny Rose Garden.
    Hope all went well today!


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