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Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Back from the hospital ...

I'm home, the Day case ward was not in use, they had been on alert over the weekend so we had to use another area of the hospital, typical!!!

But i did have all 21 blood tests taken, some weird ones, the first one a lady came over from the lab with a vacuum flask at body temp to put the file of blood into for it to be tested within 20 minutes!! another had to be put into a dark bottle and kept in the dark and tested within 30 minutes, and a third had to be kept cold!! one has to be sent to the other end of the country (Glasgow in Scotland) to a specialist unit? i also had to drink a load of pure glucose then sit and not move for 2 hours and then have some more taken to test. That was it for today, no results have to wait to hear from them now and wait for the next round which will be EMG (electric shocks!) appointment for that to follow apparently

I do know i have protein in the spinal fluid and also strange antibodies in the blood that cause the immune system to be in constant attack, lets hope these tests will tell me exactly what i am dealing with!

Thank you for all your good thoughts and well wishes


  1. That sounds ALOT less pleasant than what we went through today at the hospital. Your poor arm!!

    Hope you get to rest before they require anything else of you.

    My chocoalte dog is now headless, lol.

  2. ((hugs)) to you Julie. Hope you´ll soon have answer to your questions and will find a cure and be in top of health again. Sending you good thoughts and wishes from cold Iceland

  3. Hope you are feeling a bit brighter today , and been drinking lots of tea to make up your fluids lol. Did you raid the chocolate yet?
    I hope it isnt too long before you get the results

  4. good grief, I bet you felt light headed having all that blood taken!

    I hope the results come through quickly and they can sort you out once and for all ((((hugs))))

    ps. I'll come and clean your windows on the way to Mams next week rofl

  5. Sounds like you were a pin cushion!! I hope it wasn't too bad and they have some good news for you and that they can help you!!
    Eats lots of choccy you deserve it! :)

  6. (((((HUGS))))) Julie, all those blood tests will be worth it if you get the results you want!
    Hope you are ok after all that...

    Happy stitching....

  7. Pleased to hear that everything went OK but that's a lot of blood tests! I do hope it all leads to an answer at long last though {{{{hugs}}}}

  8. Oh no that sounds like a complete nightmare! The amount of needles you must have had, you should be leaking!

    Hope you hear back soon and its good news :)

  9. Oooo sounds like they stuck you good Julie.:0( Bet you needed the glucose to give you a boost after they took all that blood. Hope the results come through quickly so they can diagnose you & give you the right treatment. Lots of (((((((((hugs))))))))).

  10. Julie,

    I hope you are feeling better after all the needle pricks. I hope they are able to give you a diagnosis and get you back on track to feeling top notch once again.

  11. Oh Julie sounds like you are in need of lots of TLC. Sending some hugs your way and hope the results come soon so that you know what and how to deal with whatever is causing these problems.

  12. OMG julie, what a lot off blood they took, hope you've made up those fluids! Hope they get a diagnosis soon. Take care, Lisax


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