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Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Unique gift ....

Today i was overwhelmed with an envelope the postie brought me. Karen has sent me this fob she has made BUT ... the beads are glass and she made them too .... how special is that? Thank you so much Karen i feel honoured that you sent me the first one.

No stitching updates to show you, i have done a couple of secret things which i will reveal later this week, and the knitting needles have been out and i'm doing a secret knitted project, i'll reveal that later this week too .. watch this space LOL

UFO night tonight at JA, i hope the ladies are busy stitching away or Mr Stick will have to sort them out LOL


  1. glad it arrived in one piece

  2. hahaha... can I borrow "Mr. Stick" to use when my husband uses the blender at 12 AM? LOL.

    Very special fob! Congrats. Great job, Karen! :o)

  3. That is an absolutely beautiful fob Julie. Karen, you did a fantastic job on it.

    Oooh knitting???? I'm intrigued now!

  4. That fob is gorgeous - lucky you and a massive congrats to karen!

  5. How lucky are you to get that handmade bead FOB from karen, She does beautiful work.

  6. Julie,

    What a beautiful fob that Karen made for you. Wow, you're bubbling over with secrets. I can't wait to see them revealed.

  7. That is a wonderful Fob that Karen made you. there no end to your talents?

  8. Wow, the fob is a stunner. Karen has a real talent there. :0)
    Love the bookmark you received, such a happy design.


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