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Sunday, 16 March 2008

Bookmark Exchange - Part 2 ...

Yesterday i received my bookmark in the post. Rae has stitched me the Shepherds Bush freebie and it's so pretty. She also included some nice charts for me too. The second envelope was for me too and that contained a lovely surprise from Sally, thank you {hugs} - 2 lovely DMC satin range threads, i shall look forward to trying these new ones that are replacing the rayon range.

Lazy day Yesterday, i finally got myself dressed at 2pm much to the amusement of my family, not like me to be wandering around all day in my PJ's, just couldn't get myself together, so i sat and made up the monthly challenge, no pics till the reveal date at the end of the month, sorry.

It's raining here today so DH wont be going to the 'veg patch' he is hoping i will be fitting in with his alternative plans that include a visit to the DIY store .... we'll see about that LOL


  1. We could certainly do with some scattered sunshine!
    Well done on finishing your monthly challenge, haven't even finished stitching mine yet

  2. OOHh I love the bookmark you received, it's bright & colourful and so cheerful looking.....

    I LOVE lazy days, I'm having one now!!! Still in my pjs...but I've gotta get ready to go to my parents soon, Mam is cooking dinner today, as my sis is home from UK....lovely.

    Have a great day....
    Hugs and happy stitching

  3. very nice bookmark Julie, we have strong winds now and rain , it wasn't too bad earlier

  4. Lovely Bookmarks all - the one in this post and the two in the last.

    Enjoy whats left of your weekend

  5. What wonderful pressies in the mail, Julie!

    Nothing wrong with Pajama days... Saturday is usually PJ day around our home, lol.

    Oh, if only I could trade places with Midge!! Green grass and sunshine... sounds heavenly!! (still huge snow banks here and cold, cold, cold)bbbrrr.

  6. That is a lovely bookmark you received,Did you go to the DIY store?

  7. Wow ,Julie, the bookmark you received from Rae is gorgeous! Definitely a lovely pick-me-up! And you are welcome for the Satin threads. Have fun trying them:)

  8. Beautiful bookmark
    Rainy days always makes good lazy days,lol.


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