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Sunday, 30 March 2008

Productive Weekend ...

No pics to show you unfortunately but i have been busy this weekend

Easter weekend at TS had lots of competitions held, i decided to offer a knitted bunny for mine. When i gave DH the bowl to draw a name last Monday he decided that 2 lucky ladies would win one as there were 17 entries (As i said to him, will you be knitting and making up the 2nd one? - errrr NO didn't think so!) we did draw 2 names and Missy and Rae were the winners. This week i have knitted them and today they were born. As soon as they have been on their first aeroplane trip (hope they don't get travel sick lol)and arrived in the US i'll introduce you to them.

I am also ahead of myself with the mini mystery for April at TS. A real difficult one this month as the girls who are doing this can confirm. If i say .... plan - stitch 2 hours - disappointment - 2 valium and a whisky (only kidding) - change idea and stitch again - you get the message how my morning went!!! This time it all went OK and it's now ready to be posted out to my partner. I hope she likes it and will no doubt laugh at my little problem when she finds out.

Hope you all had a good weekend, the sun was shining here today so that made mine a whole lot better


Karen said...

at least you did finish the exchange LOL I found it a tight fit ;O)
Hope you remember to put air hoiles in the packaging to the bunnies.
I could do with some valium not the whisky tho

Rachael said...

I have loved seeing some sunshine today,it makes a change!I haven't started my mini mystery yet, better make a start!

Karan said...

Looking forward to seeing those bunnies & the exchange piece. :0)