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Tuesday, 1 April 2008

April Fools Day

Happy Birthday Dad

You were always the butt of the April Fool joke being born on this day, and you would have been 72 today. What was it you said 'there is no fool like and old fool' LOL. I love this pic taken at the side of one of the Lochs in Scotland when we were on holiday (must have been late 1970's). We used to holiday close to Dunoon as my grandparents lived in a small village called Innellan about 6 miles from there, it was great to sit and watch the polaris submarines going past on the River Clyde from their sitting room window. It's amazing how lovely the navy men looked to a young teenager through a pair of binoculars!!!



Papillon Creations Mystery - 'How Does Your Garden Grow' SAL Part 3 completed

Latest pic taken today of Martina Weber - Chatelaine Tiny Rose Garden freebie. I wasn't sure the Vicki Clayton silk i chose for the algerian eye roses would look right, but now i've added some to the middle bit i think they look fine.

Blue Ribbon Designs - Alphabet Tree - JA March Challenge
Debbie Draper - Hearts Desire
Easter chicks in eggcups
March colouring book page - TS
Bookmark Exch -TS
Elizabeth Designs - Spring
TS April mini exchange (sent, not revealed yet)
KNITTING - Rupert Rabbit, and 2 other bunnies (sent, not revealed yet)

Amazing when you write it down what you have actually achieved, i thought i hadn't done much this month. I hope you all had a productive March and that April will be even better now that we have an extra hour of daylight in the evenings and it will only get better as the days progress.

I'm planning a nice quiet day today as the car went into the garage to have the repairs done from the vandal damage yesterday so i have a good excuse not to go anywhere today, time to catch up on the computer and maybe sit for an hour or two and stitch this afternoon ....


Sally said...

{{{{{hugs}}}} to you Julie.

Stitchingranny said...

I too have many fond memories of Dunoon Julie, a lovely pic of your Dad.

Mojo back in full working order UFO WILL BE OUT TOMORROW.

Karan said...

Lovely pic of your Dad - lots of (((((hugs))))) Julie.

Beautiful stitching.

Lori-Ann said...

Great picture and frame! Wonderful to hear about your Dad and memories of him. I'm sure you miss him alot. {{hugs}}

Oogling the sailors, eh? ;o) Can't say I blame you, hehe. Ah to be young-er.

Your Rose garden piece... is it one of those that the pattern is revealed in pieces. Love those colors.

Mylene said...

((((big hugs)))) to you Jullie.

Progress is coming along well.

Julianne said...


What a lovely memory to share on your Dad's birthday. It's wonderful that you have fond memories to comfort you when you're missing him so much. Hugs.

Dawn said...

Lovely pic hugs xxx

You certainly have achieved a lot last month - congrats :)

Rachael said...

Lovely pic of your Dad,(hugs) How many pairs of binoculars did you get through?
Well done on your achievements in March!!
Thank you I got the Mini mystery today,I love it!!!lol I like the little bit,so dinky!

Shari said...

wow, this post made me think of my dad. He just turned 72 a couple weeks ago. He also was in the navy & I remember navy pix of him. Thanks for the memories!!

Lynn said...

a lovely pic of your dad Julie, it would have been my dad's 80th on this day too ... such a shame we couldn't give them a hug isn't it :(