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Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Sunday's faux pas ...

Rachael was my partner for the April mini mystery and she received it today so i can share with you. We received the pen in the post and could decorate it anyway we wanted. A very thin/flimsy piece of 32ct fabric fitted into the barrel, so i decided to stitch 1x1 a latticework type design. BUT when i came to insert it just that tiny amount of thread made it too thick, so i drew the pattern onto some lavendar coloured paper i had using the same colours and inserted that. The fob is the same fabric and i stitched the same design on the back of that. I also sent Rachael the little piece for the inside so she could either throw it away or make a fob or something with it LOL

DH waited till i had been to the PO with this and then said, why didn't you photocopy the little piece you stitched and use that, it would have looked just like the stitching then!!! ..... sharp clip round the ear hole was called for i think, now why didn't i think of that!!!!


  1. sure looks pretty to me! I think you did a great job. I know the frustrations thou!!!! My tin gave me several!!!

  2. don't you hate it when Dh's come out with oh so clever comments too late.
    great stitching like the little fob

  3. I think it all worked out ...very cute!

  4. But why do they always have the bright ideas when it's too late?! LOL
    Lovely gifts Julie - lucky Rachael. :0)

  5. Love the pen and fob! I never have good ideas like that either until after I'm all finished. LOL!

  6. hahaha... you had me laughing when I envisioned the possible look that you gave DH, when he revealed the clever, but late solution. :o)
    Your temptation is so understandable though.

    What a clever little project!

  7. That is gorgeous Julie. What a lovely idea.


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