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Saturday, 5 April 2008

Nice mail ...

A lovely envelope brightened a really dull, dreary and wet Saturday. Rachael sent me the mini mystery from TS, how cool we were partnered together. Thanks Rachael, i love the goodies you stitched for me and i have the coaster on the table next to my stitching chair, such a beautiful colour fabric and so beautifully stitched (sorry the photo does not do it justice, black skies are not helpful!)

The colouring book page at TS was posted earlier this week, and as soon as i saw it i knew what i would be doing with this one. The pincushion in my project box was looking very worn out and shabby. Behold, a nice new bright and cheerful addition, stitched on 28ct brittney in sky blue using DMC rayons to give a bit of sparkle to it. It's a perfect fit and already been put to good use LOL

Lots more stitching to be done this month, i've signed up for 2 needleroll exchanges (post out dates not until May), and i need to get the JA monthly challenge kitted up and stitched. This month the girls have chosen The Caron Keeper by Cynthia Zittel of The Drawn Thread, this was my choice so i'm a very happy bunny. I also signed up for the India Grace hardanger design too, thats all kitted up, i just need to get on with it, it's been sitting there for 2 weeks now.

A lady at the stitchy club brings me empty tins from her son (he smokes the Cafe Creme cigar things) and i now have quite a few, he has asked her what i am doing with them all, so this morning i have started a design to make one up to give her on Wednesday (if i get it finished) so she can show him. I've given a few tins away to stitchers but if any of the UK regular readers to my blog are struggling to get hold of a tin to have a go, let me know and i'll get one in the post to you.

Have a great weekend whatever your plans are


  1. Nice finish from Rachael, wonder who I will get a mystery from.
    you will be busy with 2 needleroll exchanges lol

  2. Hi Julie,

    It's great to see a post from you. I love what Rachael stitched for you. The fabric is really perfect for that design. Your new pincushion is lovely and your box is so neat and organized. I give you a gold star. LOL

    Enjoy your weekend and I can't wait to see the tin you're working on.

  3. It looks great, Julie!

    In answer to your question, no - I didn't join the exchange at JA... Just TS (got enough on my plate!!).

  4. :D I am glad you liked it,I am sorry I couldn't get anything in the barrel of the pen to match,Good luck with the Needlerolls

  5. your piece from Rachael looks great!! I love the fabric color!
    Your April egg is awesome too. I have it printed, but haven't started it!!

  6. Lovely pieces that Rachael stitched for you.

    Love your new pincushion too. Your box is so organised.

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend.

  7. lovely exchange piece from Rachael, love your new pincushion, very bright and cheery!

  8. Such nice presents.

    Brave girl to have so many SAL. :o)

    Life is too busy for me to be able to predict when I can complete a project.

  9. Love the pieces from Rachael - so cheerful, especially during such lousy weather!
    Love the dinky little pin cushion too. Aren't you organised! :0)


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