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Sunday, 6 April 2008

It snowed again!!

What a surprise when i let the cats out at 5.30am the ground was covered in fluffy snow and the flakes were still falling (they were like dinner plates!) it carried on till around 9am when the sun came out and it all started to melt away. We've had flurries on and off all day and i see the weathermen are predicting it again for tonight, typical as DD has to get the bus to college after her Easter break tomorrow!

Surprised even myself with this one. Stitched most of the evening last night and finished the putting together this morning. This is a free design (not available anymore) from Indigo Rose called Four Little Hearts. It was a lovely design to stitch and i'm really pleased with the way it turned out. The lady at the stitchy club can now show her son exactly what i do with the tins and that i am not a closet cigar tin sniffer LOL. I also made a start on the India Grace hardanger chart this morning, that was until DH decided he needed my valuable help to clear up all the mess he had made whilst still decorating the hallway ....


  1. sounds like your snow stopped around the time our's started lol, it's snowed on and off all day
    I love that tin it's super

  2. the tin finish is beautiful!!!! I have got to get brave & try tins! They are so pretty!!!!!
    Oh my! Seeing snow is NOT what I want to see!!! We have FINALLY had a couple spring days!!!!

  3. Julie, you're tin finish is gorgeous, well done, you've certainly inspired me to have a go, I've no excuse now!

  4. Great job on your tin, Julie!

    Glad you got the snow I sent to you and Karen (snicker) ;o)

  5. wow Julie that tin is lovely. I think I have that chart somewhere, I will have to sort it out it really is pretty.

  6. Your tin is absolutely beautiful Julie. I have that chart somewhere and it's so pretty.

    I'm jealous of your snow! Lol! We had a bit but not as much as you.

  7. The design & finish on the tin is gorgeous Julie, not sure I could part with it!
    Had a fair bit of the white stuff here too. Glad it's all gone but now it's all rain!!

  8. you've made a lovely job of the tin Julie, well done :)
    We had 3" of snow here in Shropshire, but I was in Tyneside and they only had 1/4" ... just my luck :(


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