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Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Bunny check in ...

YAY ..... my knitted bunnies have arrived over the pond safely, please meet Edward (left) and William (right). It's such a worry when you post stuff out, i panic till i know it has been received. Royal Mail is not known for being careful with our precious parcels. I've really enjoyed getting the knitting needles out again so i think i will be continuing with it.

Karen and i are recommencing our Little House Needleworks SAL again later this week. We chose our first chart for 2008 way back in November when we finished the last one, this time it's The Friendship Tree. My fabric and threads are all ready to go and so are the ones for the JA monthly challenge.

Tonight is UFO night at JA, one of the ladies has so very nearly finished a long term UFO, i can't wait till she is happy dancing this one. Wonder what she'll choose next LOL.

Happy Stitching


Rachael said...

Edward and William are lovely,Can't wait to see the progress you and karen make.
I promise to do some this week on a UFO!!

Itching To Stitch said...

Those bunnies are just too cute ;)

Lori-Ann said...

I just love those bunnies.

Lisa said...

i just love those bunnies! my DD would love them :)

Sally said...

Awww your bunnies are so cute Julie:)

Looking forward to seeing yours and Karen's progress on your LHNs. I'm glad you're getting back to your LHN SAls as I really enjoyed following them before.

I've started my SAL challenge piece! Lol! I don't normally start this soon!

Ranae said...

Edward and William are so adorable.

Karan said...

Those bunnies are so cute!
Looking forward to seeing yours & Karen's LHN WIP pics. :0)
Wonder who the close finisher is? Eheheh.

KaLu said...

Edward and William are so adorable! congrats to the lucky winners =D