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Monday, 3 August 2009

Thank you Clare, Helen & Judy

More birthday cards arrived here on Saturday.

Helen made a lovely decoupage card but unfortunately you cant see it very well on here. This was the best pic i got as the flash and the shiny paper are not compatable. It's got a little bunny and his friends in the balloon basket. Judy (no blog) sent the super little angel teddies from over the pond. Thank you ladies.

Today postie knocked again and i had to sign for a parcel. Thank you Clare for the lovely goodies. I'm now the owner of one of Clare's handmade strawberries, i wish you could smell the lovely scent coming from it. Thank you to everyone for your good wishes for my birthday, this year it started June 30th with an early card from Angi (no blog) and is continuing into August, not that i am complaining LOL

What did i do this weekend? well.... i have started the mail-art for the exchange, and also knitted one of the fluffy socks, the second one is well on the way too so hopefully they will be finished to add to DD's birthday parcel later this week. I must say these fluffy ones are knitting up so much nicer than the first pair i think i might just have to knit me a fluffy pair as well!! I do hope sock knitting doesn't become too addictive!!


  1. Glad you liked the parcel Julie - extended birthdays are always a good thing :)

  2. Wow! Your B-day has gone on for days and days! How fun!!!

  3. Lovely cards ad gifts, and a belated happy birthday to you Julie.

  4. Great cards and gifts! Looking forward to seeing the fluffy socks

  5. Lovely card & gifts from Clare. It's nice getting belated packages - it extends the excitement & happiness a little longer. :0)


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