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Thursday, 6 August 2009

Happy Birthday Amy

How can my daughter be 20 today?? its not that long ago since i was a swinging 20 year old myself.... who am i kidding LOL

Voila ... the fluffy socks, she was thrilled to bits with them and they are a perfect fit as you can see. She modelled them for me this morning as i forgot to take a pic before i wrapped them up. Dad and i called in to see her this morning complete with helium balloon and home made birthday cake. Its her first birthday since she moved out so it was really strange for us as parents this year.

Strange weather we've had today, this morning it was so hot, sunny and humid yet this afternoon the heavens have opened yet again and it looks like its here to stay for the rest of the day, i think i'll go and try and put a stitch or two into the mail-art exchange or maybe the monthly ornie that i've started. Did i mention i've ordered some more sock wool...


  1. Happy Birthday Amy!!!
    My dd is 21 this year...I cannot believe how fast it has gone lol.
    Socks...oooooo.....I cannot believe how excited I am at seeing what you make next. darn...the thought of warm feet over anything is def. an indication of my age lol

  2. Happy Birthday Amy.
    Like the socks but think you need some green wool Julie!!!
    HUGS Fi

  3. Happy Birthday to Amy
    pretty color socks

  4. Happy Birthday to AMY Julie, love the socks I will get some wool to start mine -oh question did you use 4 ply and is it a lws you got it from or web? You need to worry when your offspring are 41 and 39 arrgh!!!!!!!!!!
    Hugs Barb

  5. Happy Belated Birthday Amy! Hope you had a fantastic day!

    Love those socks Julie. They look lovely and warm.

  6. Happy Birthday Amy

    I know how you feel My DD Libby is 32 today (7th) where has the time gone.

    Nice socks

  7. Happy Birthday Amy. :0) (((((((((Hugs))))))))) Julie. Those socks look lovely & toasty. Sounds like you're well & truly addicted to sock knitting. LOL :0)

  8. Wait until she turns 39! My older son had a birthday in April.The problem is that, as they get older, so do you. Did I have to remind you of that???!!!! Socks are great.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Happy Belated Birthday Wishes to the sock...I just can't seem to get into knitting...maybe another time eh!!

  11. Just popping in to say hi Im bk.
    Hope you had a good birthday and belated may happy returns
    Bye for now
    Hugs shellie


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