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Sunday, 20 May 2007

sewing & stitching weekend

I spent the whole day yesterday with the sewing machine out making things up

the JN Girls Night Out was my first 'no sew cube' and is a present for a friends daughter, she loves witches and this has been in my finishing off drawer for years!!! The polstitches SAL i made into the needlebook for my mums birthday early next month, she isn't a stitcher but loves to receive a stitched pressie and she does have a rather nice sewing box that this will be a welcome addition to i'm sure. The 12 Days screamed christmas cracker to me so thats what i thought i'd try to make it look like LOL

Today, Sunday, started off badly again, we were burgled yet again at the allotment last night together with another 19 people), they couldn't get the padlock off our shed this week so they decided to crowbar the doors off instead. DH has spent all morning up there inbetween visits to the DIY store trying to fix it. This morning passed me by in a fit of anger, but after dinner i needed to sit and try to calm myself so decided to do this months section of Hollyberry


  1. Great finishes Julie I love them all, the hollyberry is looking lovely.
    Sorry to hear they broke into the sheds again :o(

  2. What are these people thinking, after all they know there cannot be much left after last week, or do they do it just for the hell of it.

    Your finishes are all really lovely Julie and I am sure your Mum will be thrilled with her needlecase.

  3. Your finishes are beautiful and I am so sorry about your shed ;)

  4. Hi Julie, can't believe you were burgled again that's awful. I think DH and some of the other folkes should have a watchout some night. Is it the weekend nights they are doing this??? Wouldn't you love to get a hold of them....

    lovely stitching Julie, love the Girls night out it's gorgeous.

  5. Sorry to hear that your shed had been broken into yet again. I know what I'd like to do to people like this.

    Love all your making up. I think I need to send some of my stuff to you. LOL


  6. I love the finishes, Julie!! And, Hollyberry is looking lovely! And, I can't believe those "people". I hope they are caught soon.

  7. Fantastic - I looove the bellpull!

  8. Sorry to hear about your allotment being burgled Julie - it's unbelievable that they should come back again!

    Love all your finishes, especially what you've done with The 12 Days of Christmas...brilliant idea! :o)

  9. I'm glad they caught your burglar. Let's hope he gets what he deserves.

    Your finishes are beautiful, I bet your Mum loves her needlecase.


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