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Monday, 7 May 2007

what's the point of making plans ?

I haven't done anything i was going to do this weekend, it's been a busy Bank Holiday weekend, we've had lots of visitors, the time has just whizzed by, and the weathers not been too bad either (that makes a change for a holiday weekend)

Saturday evening i was having stitching withdrawals and decided a quick fix was desperately needed, so decided to have a look for something to stitch for the monthly xmas ornie @ TS, the theme this month was 'star'. This little one by Hillside Samplings was in the 2000 Ornament Issue of Just Cross Stitch and the hanger is from a candle we had at Christmas, the wire was wound around that. I'm a real womble and have started keeping anything that might be useful for a project ... does anyone else do that ???

The Victorian Rose is all kitted up so i hope to make that a new start this month, and i've found a really nice chart for the 'Bee' SAL @ TS. I've received my partners name for the exchange at JA so need to decide what to stitch for ******** (oops nearly said who it was then), although the mailing date isn't until 11th June for this

Here i am making more plans, and i'm back to my original question .... what is the point of making plans when i don't seem to be able to stick to them LOL

THANK YOU for visiting here to read my ramblings and moans and groans, and for leaving me little messages, makes me feel real special


  1. the orni is lovely Julie , I can't wait to see the start of the Victorian rose. Plan's who makes those these days lol

  2. Julie, I know I've already told you this at least twice, but that little ornie is lovely.

  3. What a lovely Christmas Ornament. You've inspired me.

  4. Your orni is just beautiful Julie.

    Can't stick to your plans, ummm will have to send Mr Stick on a visit to you.

  5. Hi Julie, love the ornie it's gorgeous.
    Plans?? Don't you just love making them???? lol Mine never seem to pan out either, but hey we still have to make them don't we??? lol
    Huggles and Happy stitching and planning.....

  6. Your onrnament is soooooo pretty, I just love it. I agree with Paula, I love making plans but it is more difficult to stick to it.
    Hope you have a great day.

    All the best,

  7. The little ornament is gorgeous Julie. I never think to keep things like the wire but I'll certainly be watching for useful stuff from now on. I keep bows off flowers but never thought of anything else.

  8. Very pretty ornament! I know about stitching plans, I make them and can't get the ambition to stitch.


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