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Wednesday, 9 May 2007

good mail/bad mail

I received my April mini exchange in the post today, Joann stitched me this wonderful card and enclosed a Vikki Clayton silk, thanks Joann, i love it. The one i stitched was posted 12th April but hasn't reached it's destination yet, looks like it has been eaten by the postal service, i hate it when that happens, you spend ages choosing just the right design for the lady you are partnered with, then stitch it and THEN have to 'cross you fingers' that it gets where it needs to go ..... looks like i'll have to stitch another one for the lovely lady who should have received mine

Stitchy club again tonight, last week i did take the 'surprise' i got most of it stitched and finished it off at the weekend, Tuesday night i made it into the gift and it's now all ready to be posted out. As soon as her birthday has passed i'll share a pic with you. Tonight i took the JN and have made a good start on Day 11, i've decided to stick with it now until it's finished, although we had a discussion at the club about whether to stitch the words "The 12 Days of Christmas" at the top or not, the ladies thought it would look nice if it was on there, what do you think ???


  1. lovely gift you received :) I hope yours finaly reaches it's destination, it's so frustrating when that happens!
    I think putting 12 days of Christmas at the top would be nice, if you found the right alphabet, have you seen the one for the Margaret Sherry RR I'm in?

  2. Lovely gift Julie.

    Oh I hate for anything to go missing. Did you get a proof of posting - it doesnt cost anything and at least you can claim you costs back, though not all your hard work.

    I hadnt see LS on your wish list lol but I am crossing my fingers as I have a birthday in August. If not maybe three of us could get together and buy one section each.

  3. What a beautiful piece of mail art you received ;)

  4. I hope your exchange piece reaches it's destination safely Julie.

    The card you received is lovely.

  5. A very lovely card that you received from JoAnn!! I like the idea of putting 12 Days of Christmas at the top.


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