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Wednesday, 2 May 2007

decisions, decisions ...

it's Wednesday so i'm off to the stitching club tonight, no Leo stitching for me today (you just can't concentrate on something like that, chat, drink tea, & nibble the odd biscuit all at the same time) so i've got to take something else with me

The decision is .... do i take JN and make a start on Day 11?? but then i'll want to finish both that and Day 12 to get a *Happydance* or do i take my secret project for my friend (thats still not finished) but i'm not enjoying stitching that, i'm not very happy with my choice of thread colours and it's so nearly finished!! oh the choices we stitchers have to make, life really is hard for us sometimes LOL

I'm happy to report a **big thumbs up** for the JN bag, my SIL was delighted with it

Thanks to all who read my blog and leave comments, i love to read your blogs and see what you've been doing, and learn about new things in the world of stitching

{hugs} and Happy 'frog free' stitching to you all


  1. Oh what a dilemma you have there lol. Hope you enjoyed your evening whatever you decided to take.

  2. Hi what did you decide to take with you to stitchy club??? And did you actually get any stiching done on it??? Or were you full of too much
    Huggles and Happy "fwog free" stitching to you too.

  3. What did you take in the end Julie? Did you get much stitched?

  4. By the way thanks for listening to me yesterday {{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}

  5. You'd better have taken the gift!!!! I'll be getting my stick out if not lol!

  6. So, which did you take to stitchy club?? :-)

  7. What did you decide to take instead Julie?

    Great to hear your SIL loved her gift.


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