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Sunday, 29 April 2007

a week of stitching Leo

a before and after pic, i've just started the bottom half of page 1. It's easier to stitch downwards on this (i know it's not like a lot of you do with the HAED's) but the curves in it make it harder to stitch across the fabric.

I'm loving it this time round and have decided to carry on with it for a couple more nights till May, but as i promised an update pic at the weekend decided to share with you today and not wait till she goes away

Visited my SIL today and left her with the little JN bag i stitched for her birthday tomorrow, can't wait to see what she thinks to it when she opens it !!

What exciting plans do you all have for this week then ... next weekend will be the May Day bank holiday weekend here in the UK so that means an extra day off work for some on Monday bet you wish it was this week LOL

love to you all


Lisa said...

Leo is looking gorgeous! Those colours are just yummy, they make my mouth water lol.
Plans for this week are to get it over with as soon as possible and get to next weekend lol. I've got Friday off so an extra long weekend for me and boy do I need it.

Sally said...

Wow, Julie, Leo is looking fantastic! You have got loads done and the colours are just gorgeous.

Oh yes the Christmas mystery! Lol! Not really impressed. I made a start this afternoon so that I can get it over with!

Stitchingranny said...

You are doing really well on this Julie and you just stitch whatever way you feel is best for you. I would certainly stitch that one downwards.

This week Im hoping to finish my stint on 4 wishes and then I have 2 days of UFO to do (playing catch up lol)

Karen said...

Leo is looking great, hope your SIL liked her present

Stitcher said...

Looks great, and I can't wait to here what SIL thought about her gift. If she didn't like it, I'll take it. LOL

Paula said...

Hi Julie, Leo is looking brilliant, well done.
Can't wait for the long weekend, wodking in the shelter on saturday and then sunday and monday I want to get some painting done....fingers crossed lol

Mary Ann said...

Julie, Leo is looking fabulous! I imaginge your SIL loved the gift!