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Friday, 13 July 2007

All change !!

I decided it was time for a change of scenery, so i've been having a little play around and settled on this calm and relaxing theme

I thought i'd share a sunny pic of my garden with you as we are back to dull, dreary rainy days again here in the UK

Thank you for visiting, i hope you like the new look


  1. no rain here Julie its flipping hot and muggy down on the sounth coast

  2. Hi Julie, love the new look and love your sunny back garden. God the rain is awful isn't it??? Hasn't stopped all day...all week...all flippin' month!
    Hope it picks up again soon...
    Huggles and happy stitching

  3. Hi love the new look,very calm,it's stopped raining this morning still dull though :(

  4. Lovely new look Julie and the piccie of your garden is brilliant.

    It rained loads overnight here:(

  5. what a lovely garden you've got, where did you get the 'extra flowers' that are growning on your lawn rofl

  6. Love the change Julie. Your garden looks lovely.


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