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Thursday, 12 July 2007

Whizzing along

through the plans for July, i've crossed off another one today!! Julys part of the Loopylou Hollyberry SAL has taken us to the bottom of the design, some more berries and leaves and then the cutting and weaving bit are left to do. This is my 1st big hardanger project and it's going well, but thats all thanks to Lynda the designer who is giving advice and help through the SAL over at Jaynes Attic

I've been tagged by Tracey to list 7 things about me and then tag 7 others ...
1. I love cats
2. I'm a Harry Potter fan
3. I'm left handed
4. I drink Lady Grey tea
5. I passed my driving test 1st time
6. Favourite choccie is turkish delight
7. I like to watch musicals on DVD !!!
I'm going to tag .... Karen, Sally, Lisa, Helen, Lynn, Paula and Rachel


  1. oh that's gorgeous are whizzing along with it...
    Ok so you've tagged me..hmmm must update my blog
    Huggles and happy stitching...

  2. Very pretty. I love the look of hardanger but don't enjoy doing it ;)

  3. it does look nice Julie, well done. I must make the first moves into hardhanger.. some time lol. Oh I've been tagged... I'll have to get my thinking cap on

  4. fab stitching. OH left a comment back to you on my blog lol
    "Thankyou Julie! I tried to go to your blog, but I'm barred (like thats never happened before haha).
    I am thanks, Tracey has spoiled me absolutley rotten and my day has just been boss!
    (Until fireman sam had to come out that is ;-P)"

  5. THANKS SO MUCH FOR TAGGING ME was going to say nice things about your work but dont think I will bother now lol.

  6. Oh no I've been tagged! LOL!

    Love your Loopylou piece. It's so pretty.

  7. WOW it's looking lovely. I had no idea you were left handed.


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