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Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Rose SAL

Week 3 of the LHN SAL Karen and i are doing, not a lot of progress, 1 son who caused problems here last night and 1 angry mum doesn't make for a good stitching night!!

Tonight however, will be different, i'm off to the pub again with the stitchy girls for our 2nd meal so that should be a fun night


  1. good progress Julie hope you have fun tonight

  2. You've made good progress on this one ;)

  3. Looks lovely. Hope you have a good time at the pub

  4. That's loooking lovely Julie, the colours are lovely.
    Hope you enjoyed your "stitchy" night in the
    Huggles and happt stitching.....

  5. Looking beautiful Julie. Hope you had a lot of fun on your night out.

  6. Looking good Julie :) Have fun at the pub tonight! I only wish I knew some people locally that like to stitch but most people that I know think I am rather sad because I am into cross stitch lol oh well!

  7. You are making lovely progress on Rose Julie. It is beautiful.

    Hope you had a great time at the pub:)

  8. This looks gorgeous Julie. I tried going to LHN to see what the finish was like but cant find it.

  9. Really great progress you are making on that ,beautiful! :)


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