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Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Karen ....

Postie brought me a lovely exchange gift today from you LOL, great choice of a seaside theme onto the doily that was the mystery exchange from TS, so appropriate with you living by the seaside, your stitching is so perfect, thanks Karen i love it. Mine went in the overseas mail yesterday too, i decided not to post last week with the mail strike in the UK on Friday, so i'll be able to show what i stitched soon

I see you posted your week 2 so here's mine of the SAL we're doing on LHN 'Rose in Morning' the Cottage Colours in this are so lovely, we both stitched roughly the same bit again this week, great minds think alike !!! Hope you're feeling better today.{{hugs}}

Sunday i decided to carry on with Leo, not a lot to show so will save that till i've done a decent bit more. I've decided to leave her on the floorstand so i can have an hour or two as and when, maybe she'll grow a bit quicker if she keeps looking at me !!


  1. The Doily is lovely and an excellent way to display some cross stithc.
    your WIP is lovely, I like the colours you are using so far.
    huggles and happy stitching

  2. The doily is very pretty. And I really like the colours in "Rose in Morning" Looking forward to seeing it grow some more. I am taking a short break from stitching on my UFO - have good progress to show later tonight. Hope you have a great day!

  3. Love your doily from Karen, she picked a great design. Rose looks to be coming along well, can't wait to see more.

  4. Oh, what a pretty doily and I love your LHN start ;)

  5. Love the rose so far Julie and the doily is so sweet.

  6. Julie, such a pretty doily you received from Karen!! And, your Rose in Morning is looking lovely!

  7. very pretty mystery Julie. I was wondering what it might be.

    Your SAL is looking great too.

  8. Wow what a beautiful doily you received from Karen. It's a lovely idea.

    Love your progress on Rose. I am going to enjoy seeing this one grow:)

  9. Glad the doily arrived ok ;O) see it did have 12 colours and 3 outline colours lol I didnt fib THAT much, your LHN looks great


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