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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Nuneaton Meet up

For me the journey is only a short one, 20 mins by car. DH chauffered me there as little Isabelle was spending the day with him whilst her mum was working and he needed my car with her seat in it. I was looking forward to her meeting the group but she was sound asleep when we arrived so they only got a peek at her in the car!

Here she is more awake!

Ladies travelled from up and down the UK to be there with us and we all had a lovely day in the school library. Some even made a weekend of it and stayed overnight in a local hotel. Rachael, was staying over and travelling on to another get together the next day with her daughter, what a fun and exciting girls weekend they have had.

It was nice to put faces to names for a couple of new ladies and lovely to see old friends and look at all the beautiful work close up.

Tina was the winner of the first prize in the raffle, well done Tina.

We also have a fun game where each person takes along a 'goody bag' to exchange. This time the theme of the goodies was red, white and blue to celebrate the Queens Jubilee. A fun pass it along game and i won Tina's bag. Fabulous contents inside, thank you Tina.

We all managed lots of stitching amongst the chat, and eating of Clare's homemade cake made with Guinness. I felt the need for a new start on Friday and pulled out a kitted up LHN design that i've had for a while. The Rain Fell is a lovely design, here's a WIP pic as of this morning.

We also have a table where you can sell/swap charts, fabrics etc and this time there was a book table for readers to exchange books, a small donation was made into a pot for a good cause.

As usual, the day whizzes by and we end our day in a local pub with a lovely meal together. All too soon it's time to make our farewells until the next time and wend our way home. DH arrived to collect me and we dropped Tina off at the station to board her train home.

Thank you Clare for organising the day and going ahead with it through such sad circumstances for you at present. I had a lovely day with everyone and thoroughly enjoyed myself and look forward to the next one. There was talk by a couple of the ladies of organising a weekend away to a well known stash shop in the UK that is supposed to be amazing, unfortunately it doesn't have an online shop, and is a place some of us have never visited in person, now that could be interesting.

In the previous post Veronica said she would like to see the whole of Tina's RR and i was able to take a quick pic before i handed it over to Clare at the meet up for her turn on it. Here you are Veronica.

For those ladies who have never been to a meeting with other stitchers and are nervous of attending, it really is a lovely day out and you will not be disappointed if you go along, take the plunge and visit and let us know all about what happens at your meetings.



  1. Oooh, Thank you so much for the RR pic. It looks wonderful.

    Looks like you've had a great time with the girls. Don't you just love stitchers meet up? ^.^ All those beautiful projects! I especially love the cross stitch maniac one. Cracks me up. LOL! Any idea who the designer is? By the way, is that a whole suitcase of projects I see there? Wow!


  2. Sounds like you had a great time Julie, there are some lovely stitching peices too.

    I did read about the meet-up and would have loved to have made the trip, i looked and it is about 45 minutes to an hour away from me, it was Stevie's birthday on Saturday though so i couldn't have made it.

    I would love to come be able to come to the next one though if i could.

    Lovely photo of Isabella, i hope grandpa enjoyed his day with her:-)

    Have a good week x

  3. It looks like a great meet-up. I would have liked to have been there but cost and Small Boy make it impossible.
    Maybe in a couple of years, it's only four hours by train.
    I can guess where the stash shop is, my wallet is glad that one is not accessible in a day!
    I'm going to drool over the lovely pictures again now.

  4. Oh, isn't Isabelle precious, Julie--what a dear, dear grandchild you are blessed with...

    Such fun to meet up with other stitching friends, both old and new. Isn't it great to see what everyone is working on and get some new ideas. Your new start is so pretty. I sure wish gray skies would fade into blue here soon--they are calling for snow tomorrow! Unbelievable for this area at the end of April!

  5. That sure looks like a fun meet up
    The stitchyness looks fantastic.
    Nice start on the LHN
    Isabelle is a darling, I love that name
    A fun RR piece, love the silly cats
    Take care!

  6. Get-togethers with other stitchers are always fun. And when it's a big group you can see so many different stitched pieces. What fun.
    I also love the LHN start you made. It's definitely a very beautiful one.

  7. It was a fabulous day, It was lovely seeing you again Julie.
    That cake was to die for, I must ask Clare for the recipe!! LOL

  8. Isabelle is such a cutie!!!! Look at that smile. :)

    What a great time!!! I just love seeing what everyone is working on or has finished. So much wonderful stuff!!!!

  9. How nice that you were able to participate in the Stitch Meet Up, and enjoy meeting with so many other wonderful stitchers. It is always a joy and so inspiring to see the work of others. Next week, sevral of my stitching friends and I will be attending 'Celebrations of Needlework' in Nashua, NH, USA, a 3 day stitching event, with classes and a big shopping mall too. Great fun!

  10. Sounds like you had a wonderful time, there is some fabulous work in those photos

  11. Looks like you had a great time. Some gorgeous stitching on show. Isabelle looks like a little darling. Great new start.

  12. Stitching heaven with fellow crafters what a wonderful way to spend a weekend. Fabulous work by all of them too.

  13. What a lovely day, maybe next time! Love the new start, such a pretty one.

  14. Really sorry I couldn't make this one. Can't stand dh going away so much. xx

  15. It was a lovely day - the meet ups always are :)

  16. wow. What a brilliant idea! And I am positively drooling over all the lovely projects and finishes that I can see...I wish I lived closer...but I think I am going to see if I can get one together in Ireland..positively inspired!

  17. I could do with a magic wand Julie so I could be granted a wish! I am wondering if NT is the shop in question that if I have plenty of notice I could persuade dh to have a long weekend somewhere near that has walks for Ollie. Hmm let me know.
    Oh Izzy you do make me smile , you look as if laughter is just bubbling up ready to spill over . She is such a sweetie Julie.
    Glad grandpa survived his day. Lovely pics of meet up fabulous stitching there too. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Beautiful stitching ...

    bisous de FRANCE

  19. Julie what a special day you ladies have organized for you!!!!

  20. What a great time ~ wish I could just pop on over and join in!
    My favorite picture of all is of little Isabelle! What a sweetie!


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