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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Ornament exchange reveal

It's almost a week since the opening of the Needlecraft Haven ornament exchange and i'm only just getting round to showing it to you.

A problem on the forum with people unable to access it due to yuku upgrades etc and other issues so quite a few hadn't seen each others and the reveal of who sent to whom in this secret exchange was delayed.  There have then been problems with our local server getting updates to make it smoother running - we'll see about that one, and if you can get online its been a bit hit and miss or throws you off just as you are doing something.

This morning all seems well and I've been able to upload pics so here you are - this is the one I received from Tina (no blog).   The perfect design for me, thank you Tina.

I made a double sided one for Clare using the Lizzie Kate 12 Blessings designs and added a rouched trim.  I also sent some Christmas choccie in my parcel (you can see that in Clare's pic on her blog)

In my last post I mentioned the Joyful World SAL October was near complete.  It is now....
December 1st the gallery opened for the winter SAL.  The fourth and final one in my collection from here is all ready to be put up on 21st December when the winter solstice arrives with the shortest daylight hours of the year.
Better sign off now whilst the going is good as they say and the internet is still playing nicely.
I hope your Christmas preparations are going well and not causing you too much stress.  We had a little pre-Christmas meal with family who live some way off this weekend as we wont meet again till the New Year.
Blessings to you all


  1. Lovely stitching....and finishing.

  2. Well, they're all lovely. I love the design Tina chose for you. Hope the internet's behaving, it's so annoying when you've only got limited access.

  3. A sweet exchange with lovely models.

  4. Beautiful ornaments. They really are gorgeous. Christmas preparations? What preparations rofl xx

  5. Hello there Miss Julie, lovely exchange both sent and received ,will try harder to participate next year,which will be here before we know it. Hugs to both.xx

  6. The ornament you received is lovely. I stitched it once and gave it away. I need to make it for us! I saw your gift for Clare. So cute! Hooray for October's completion! That is such a nice winter pattern Julie.

  7. Another lovely exchange! I've already admired your gift to Clare on her blog, and the one Tina sent to you is just as nice.
    You've done really well keeping up with the Joyful World SAL.
    Hope your Internet is sorted out soon. Very frustrating!


  8. What a great exchange .
    Love the last one Julie who is the designer ?
    Enjoy the run up to Christmas hugs.

  9. Great exchange and a lovely Snowflower Diaries finish.

  10. 2 lovely ornies for the exchange (and 3 lovely designs!). Great ribbon finish too.

  11. Beautiful stitching and finishing, Julie, I especially love your double-sided ornie, what a great idea. Merry Christmas.

  12. Lovely ornaments both stitched and received.

    I love the Winter design, thanks for sharing where it came from :-)

  13. Lovely ornaments for the exchange, both received and sent.

  14. Oh so many pretties on this post. Love them all!!

  15. The ornament you received is lovely! I love that the one you sent has both sides finished, I haven't thought of doing that before.
    Your October is precious, that's the next one I need to start. That's a great frame for December, I love the way it looks.

  16. Lovely ornament exchange . Congrats for the 2 finishes too.

  17. Two fabulous ornaments Julie, and I love the little hedgehog on the October sampler

  18. Such a lot of lovely stitching, Julie. The was a great exchange for both sides, wasn't it?
    I love your Winter piece.

  19. Lovely exchange stitching, Julie.
    You've done well keeping up with the JW SAL.

  20. Loved seeing all of your projects, Julie--the idea of the double sided ornament is clever. Will have to remember that one :)

    Enjoy this busy countdown to Christmas!

  21. Congrats on finishing the Joyful World SAL - what fun it was!
    I also love your ornaments, both given and received!!


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