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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Say hello to Hatty

Brrrr it's a cold one today.  We woke to a severe frost and the weatherman was saying it was the coldest night so far!!
DH has the right idea when he gets home from work.  A nice warming cuppa and now he can't potter in the garden as its too dark, he winds down with an hour at the table with a puzzle.  He completed this lovely one last week.
Is there anything that you or your family do now the dark nights are here that you don't in the summer months?
Stitching and knitting always gets more attention this time of year, but there are also secret projects being whipped up to send out, although there are not so many parcels as there used to be when I first started to join forums and blogs.  The postal service has seen to that with it's many increases in prices and weight and size rules.
I sent a little envelope out to Lindsay.  Regular visitors may remember that Lindsay and i did a skill swap last year at this time.  I knitted a little penguin kit for her and she made me a beautiful beaded ornament for my Christmas tree in exchange.
This year at the meet up she asked if we could do it again and asked if i would knit Hatty, a kit from a magazine ....

She knitted up lovely and went off in the post to Lindsay for her grandson.
I'll be sure to share what beaded delight Lindsay makes for me when it arrives.
Other knitting and the socks are complete and wrapped up in nice Christmas gift paper ready to send to Santa.
A little stitching on the Joyful World and October is almost complete, just the little hedgehog to add, so i'll show you that next time.   A little reading arrived with my newsagent.  He is able to get hold of the JCS Ornament Edition for me at a fraction of the cost if I was to order it online and pay postage but it is a little late getting to me.

A few nice ones in there this year.  Some I would have liked to have stitched for my partner in the ornament exchange we are doing at Needlecraft Haven.  All completed and sent out in plenty of time and I have received my return parcel.  December 1st is the opening day, another to share with you next post.   There is also the winter SAL to show you that I have been stitching when the gallery is open on the forum.

Sunday was the reveal of the monthly ornament challenge.  Unfortunately, I only printed off the free design this month and kitted it up, I didn't get round to putting a stitch in, sorry Christine.

I hope you are all staying nice, cosy and warm and finding things in your days to please you.    Sending blessings from my home to yours.



  1. Hatty is a sweet little make :)
    Very envious of your magazine!! It must be full of lovely designs.

  2. My mom enjoys puzzles around this time of year too. I pick up my stitching alot more. The puzzle your hubby did is very nice. I love Hatty. That's so neat to be able to make that type of things. Sure something I have no idea about. I just love your socks. The colors are too pretty. Glad you were able to get the ornament magazine. They are always nice to stitch from. Stay warm!

  3. I love doing puzzles, but something else always seems to come first.
    Hatty is adorable, she'll love him! I love the colours in the socks, they look very cozy!

  4. Not to worry Julie, nobody else finished it either, and I'd forgotten about it until I read this post!
    Lovely knitting

  5. Oh Hatty is so precious. The socks look terrific. I found quite a few ornaments I want to stitch up from that issue!

  6. It was a cold start this morning here too, everywhere was white when I looked out the window, Jack Frost had been up to no good out there. The jigsaw is lovely, I like puzzles with plenty of colour in them, though I must admit that I haven't done one for years, something else always seems to eat in to my time. Too many hobbies me thinks. Hattie is wonderful, you've knitted her up beautifully and I'm sure Lindsay's grandson will be thrilled to bits. I can't believe postage prices these days, not only is it expensive to send things but the prices don't seem to stack up either. Sometimes the difference between first and second class is mere pennies and other times the difference makes it prohibitive to send first class. I'm sure the powers that be just dream up these prices and sizings without any thought at all. I must admit that I've started sending some parcels by Hermes as they're a lot cheaper than Royal Mail in some instances.

  7. What a lovely picture on your husband's puzzle, such a cosy scene. Little Hatty is so cute, what a good idea for a swap xx


  8. OH how lovely is Hatty.
    I like your man's puzzle nice picture , I like to do a puzzle over Christmas , If we are not to busy I always start on boxing day.
    I do many crafts in the winter months , some get finished and some go back into the dark hole , for next winter.

  9. I love Hattie:) and those socks are lovely.I like doing jigsaws too a this time of year.

  10. What a sweet little elephant, great idea to swap skills.
    I've been doing jigsaws on my iPad, I get a free one each day and a bonus free one each day throughout December.
    I always get the JCS Christmas issue with my subscription but I get the Hallowe'en one via Crafty Kitten for the coverprice plus her standard postage (order enough fabric and postage is free!).

  11. My husband loves doing jigsaw puzzles but hasn't been able to do any for a few years now due to two naughty kitties. Even with a proper puzzle board to close over they seem to get into it and as soon as it's opened they are there like a flash. He finds them so relaxing.

  12. Love Hatty! I usually do more stitching in winter, but since I've rediscovered knitting, there will be more of that as well. And a good book of crossword puzzles never goes amiss.

  13. Hatty is a lovely finish as are your socks. I'm organising jigsaws for Christmas as they are very popular are the little ones in our family at the moment.
    Post has got expensive and with talk of a strike, people will either get parcels out early or not bother. It's a shame as it's lovely to receive mail (but the bill kind).

  14. Hatty is adorable as are your socks. What a great idea about a skill swap.

  15. Puzzles are such a nice activity on a cold day. That gives me the idea to buy one and set it up on a table in our sunroom so we can all work on it over Christmas :)

    Lovely socks, Julie, and Hatty is so cute. I don't think there is anything you can't knit :)

    I have only ordered the ornament magazine myself so you are not the last one. Luckily, my library gets it so I've been borrowing it!

  16. I sometimes do puzzles but very rarely. My youngest son has always been the puzzle maker in the family and since he has his own family now I don't see puzzles very often here. My favorites are always stitching and reading, no matter if it's warm or cold outside.
    Hatte is such a sweetie. And the socks that you knitted will make a great Christmas gift.

  17. I had the last chemo treatment (bone) of the year today. One injection next week and that's it. I'm not leaving the house until 2017...with crochet and stitching the order of day!

    A lovely post Julie. Congrats on the good news. I'm never sure if I reply to comments on my blog if they get to you or putting it here xxxx

  18. I love puzzles but unfortunately the cats do, too - so no puzzles for me. I often think that cross stitching is a bit like a puzzle, really. Gorgeous elephant and the socks look great, too.

  19. Hatty is so cute. I am always impressed with the little amugurami animals that crafters stitch up, it is amazing the details of them!

  20. Hatty is gorgeous and so are those lovely socks! We enjoy jigsaws and puzzle books in winter though I must admit it's cross stitching all the way for me!


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