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Friday, 29 March 2013

Happy Eastertime

I hope you all have a lovely Eastertime, the sun is beaming in through my window today on this Good Friday day, but its still very cold.  A very welcome change from the recent snowy conditions we've been having.

I had a visit from Clare yesterday, and she never comes empty handed. This time she had made hubby and i our very own mini simnel cake, it looks lovely, seems a shame to cut into it!

It's been a busy week so not a lot of crafting has been happening. A few more rows have been added to Isabelle's cardigan but not worth a pic as you saw that last time. No parlour SAL Wednesday as i had finished the last cottage. The next one arrived yesterday so now to begin number 3.

I've had Shores on the frame this week and i've sorted out the little problem

Spot the repair ...

I wove the cut thread into the wording each side of it and then rewove a new thread into the gap and even looking at it close up it's quite hard to tell where the repair is, so i am one very happy (and relieved) stitcher.  The rest of this block is all stitched but large blocks of the same colour so although a little boring it should grow quite quickly. 

Being Friday, tonight is stocking-a-long with Nativity Stocking.  This week will see the nativity part completed as i only have one angel and the star bursts to add.  It will be strange stitching Christmas nativity as we celebrate Eastertime.

Enjoy your Easter with your loved ones whatever you have planned.

Love and {hugs}


  1. Happy Eastertime to you and yours Julie. Well done you on the repair I was going to say it is under the octopus!!
    Hope Izzie has a wonderful time is she hunting for eggs at nannys I wonder. Still very cold here Martin is mowing the grass brrrrr!!!.
    Speak soon

  2. Well done on the repair - I couldn't see it at all!

    I love the mini simnel cake - very cute...

    Have a lovely Easter weekend!

  3. Great stitching Julie, and I can't see the repair at all.
    The simnel cake looks delicious.
    I hope you have a very Happy easter

  4. Happy Easter to you too Julie, lovely cake from Clare. You've done really well hiding the missing thread
    you can't see where it was at all....x

  5. Lovely stitching and your simnel cake looks delicious. Happy Easter.

  6. Beautiful job on the repair, Julie! I like the fact that you'll be working on the stocking tonight. A perfect reminder that Christ was born to die for our sins!



  7. Whew! What a relief you were able to hide the missing thread so well, Julie--one would never know!!

    That cake is so pretty I can see why it would be hard to cut :) I wish you a very Happy Easter with your family...

  8. Great repair! The cake looks delicious!

  9. The cake looks delicious and a lovely idea. Great news that you were able to repair the flaw in the fabric - well done you!

    Enjoy the SAL today and have a wonderful Easter.

  10. Well I looked for the repair (give us a clue.....?) and cannot see it
    Happy Easter
    Julie xxxxxx

  11. What repair? It looks wonderful...

  12. So glad you were able to make that repair!
    What a sweet little cake.
    Have a wonderful Easter!!

  13. Happy Easter! :)

    So glad you got the broken thread sorted. What a nerve wracking situation after all that work. UGH. :(

  14. Great repair! I can't see anything!!! :D Happy Easter x

  15. Great progress on shores,can't see the repair at ll.
    Delicious cake made by Clare

    Happy Easter

    Tina xx

  16. Happy Easter. Great repair job, you would never know. Gorgeous looking cake.

  17. Hope you had a lovely Easter Weekend Julie and well done on that repair. I love the cardi for Isabelle, the yarn colours are quite lovely.. I have never thought of using sock yarn for a garment. And great gift and yummy cake!
    Chris xx

  18. Hope you had a lovely Easter Julie. The simnel cake looks delicious.

    Shores is really growing well.

  19. Julie it sounds like you had a lovely Easter! Wow you did a stellar repair job!!!

  20. Julie it sounds like you had a lovely Easter.

    You did a stellar job on that repair!!!


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