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Sunday, 7 April 2013

The sun had got his hat on ... hip hip hip hooray

A few days of lovely spring sunshine and it's amazing what you see when you look out of the window, pots of lovely colour.

Even though the temperatures are still very cold, it certainly seems like we are finally saying goodbye to wintertime

A very welcome start to April, lets hope the usual April showers stay away for just a few more days.

Sitting in the conservatory and reading a book has been happening a lot this week, not much crafting to show.

Wednesday was the parlour stitching with the ladies at NH, and i made a start on North Pole Post Office. I did in fact stitch on it for a second evening too.  Is anyone else finding that these seem to be taking longer to stitch than you think they will, or is it just me?

Friday was the stocking-a-long and out came Nativity Stocking by Janlynn.

and i have been stitching on something else thats for a birthday gift so i cant show you that as i'm not sure if the person reads my blog. Those who visit Needlecraft Haven will have seen it as i know the person isn't a member there!
Are you wondering what i've been reading? 
A book i picked up from our bookcase at the Book Borrowers, its been read by a few ladies. A really lovely easy read called The Vintage Tea Cup Club, a debut novel by Vanessa Greene. 
The pretty cover had me hooked from the start ...
It's about 3 ladies who meet at a car boot sale stall and all want the same vintage tea set which is for sale.  Instead of fighting over it, they decide to share it.  Jenny wants it for her budget tea party wedding, Maggie wants it for a wedding her flower company is involved with and Alison wants use them to sell in her small craft business.  The story is of how their friendship grows and they become close leading up to the use of the teaset for the first time. 
Another M C Beaton book was read as well. The first in the Hamish McBeth series this time, its called Death of a Gossip.  A quick easy enjoyable read.  I do have the Hamish series on DVD and can drool over Robert Carlyle in his police uniform, although the character in the book doesn't quite thrill me the same lol.
Now we are in April the library choice has been delivered to us for this month, but unfortunately, there was a problem and we didn't get the book we requested this time.  They have sent us this one, Educating Jack.

Apparently it's the sixth in a series in the Teacher series and is about a headteacher and his school set at the time of Prince Williams birth, Greenham Common, the leg warmers of the famous Fame programme and the introduction of the 20p piece to our monetary system.  We've all decided to give it a go and see.  After reading reviews about it, it does sounds like it might be a fun read and after the last library choice of Sophie Hannah that was only half read this ones got to be better.... surely?

Time for a blog reading catch up session and see what lovely things you've all been creating.

Take care, love and {hugs}


  1. Ooh your stocking is coming along so quickly and looking gorgeous.

    Thanks for your reading list - might just check some of them out for myself.

    Beautiful photos of your flowers too - let's hope we can avoid the April showers!

  2. Very pretty stitching..
    Sweet flowers..
    Big hugs x

  3. I am enjoying watching your progress on your stocking ... I love the colors.

  4. Lovely flowers. The stocking is looking very nice.

  5. Julie you're so lucky tha tapering has finally decided to show up in your end of the world!!!! It's a dull grey day here.

    Isabelle's stocking is looking great!!!

  6. Pretty flowers. I hpe ours come out soon.
    Your stocking is coming along well.

  7. What a lovely splash of colour, think we might be getting some too this week.
    The Vintage tea cups is an all out lovely read and go for the Jack Sheffield, think you will enjoy it. I have read others of his and liked them.

  8. Lovely Spring flowers, don't they make you feel good.
    Beautiful stitching and thank you for the book review,hugs.

  9. Hope you enjoy your book club read. Lovely progress on your stitching. Lovely signs of spring in your garden.

  10. Isabells stocking is coming on great!

    Enjoy your book club book, i've not read it so can't comment, you will have to let us know what you thought of it.

    It's great to see the sun shining isn't it? even though it's still quite chilly it somehow doesn't matter as much if it's sunny :-)

  11. Lovely progress on your projects. The flowers are so bright and cheerful. I hope that does mean gorgeous weather is heading your way very soon. :)

  12. Pretty flowers, I wish ours was at that stage, they are just peeking out of the ground
    Nice start and the stocking is looking great
    Happy Spring!!!

  13. You are going like gang busters on that stocking. Looking good!!!

    I wouldn't have been able to resist that teacup cover. It's like knitting/yarn - if it's pictured on the cover I have to read it.

  14. Really pretty flowers--dressed in Spring colors! Isabelle's stocking is looking good!!

  15. What pretty flowers! It's looking like Spring near you Julie. Great progress on your projects especially the stocking! And thanks for sharing your reading list. The Tea Cup Series sounds interesting. I'll have to be on the lookout for it!

  16. What pretty flowers! There are no flowers blooming here in Northern Illinois, despite the appearance of two or three mild days. Your WIPs are fantastic! I'm certain that Isabelle will love her stocking. Your "tea" book looks interesting. Tea seems to be a theme with stitchers--I'm going to a stitching retreat next week whose theme is "Tea and Friends."

  17. It's been nice to see the sunshine hasn't it?
    Isabelle's stocking is coming along beautifully

  18. I think the sun is finally shining everywhere, Julie--I hardly recognized it after the long absence this winter!! Your flowers are so sweet--no sign of flowers here yet, but hopefully, by next week they'll be blooming...

    Isabelle's stocking is going to be stunning--really lovely heirloom for her!

    Hope the sun keeps shining for you :)

  19. The stocking is coming along really well.

    Love the post office. Gorgeous colours.

    Isn't it nice to see some sun. It's still chilly though but I see the forecast says we're going to get some warm temps at the weekend.

  20. Not seen any spring flowers yet, but with the weather they are probably just hiding still, or maybe I need to get out more. I love Hamish Macbeth, still not seen the series yet though, but I do intend to do so. It is good to try new books, I love a wide range of genres. I hope you are enjoying the library choice.

  21. Hello

    I just found your blog through Cuckie's.
    Beautiful flowers.
    Your stitching is lovely and thank you for the book list, I was thinking of reading the Teacup one myself.
    Have a good weekend.

  22. Every Spring I resolve to plant more bulbs, they cheer me up so much. And every Autumn I forget!

    The stocking is looking great.


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