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Friday, 12 April 2013

Round Robin has flown home

My speciality stitches RR is home.  I am so chuffed to bits with how it turned out. 

The first posting was way back in September so it's great to have it home safely after it's journey around the UK, to France and also to the USA.  There were 6 if us in it, no set pattern, just the rules that you did 3 bands on each persons piece of fabric choosing a speciality stitch.  The band width was set by yourself at the beginning and you could request a certain colourway if you wished and that was all.

For my top part i chose part of the chart Lake Julia's Bees by Wendy Mosbacher from Just Cross Stitch April 2005, the beaded flowers i added along the bottom to set the band width and start my flower garden.  Row 2 is double herringbone and Row 3 is a horizontal satin stitch.

It then went off to Angi (no blog), Dusty, Tina (no blog), Mary (no blog) and Rachael and finally back home to me.

Want to see how it looks now it's complete?

Thank you ladies, you have all added something really pretty to it and i love it.  I enjoyed stitching on each of yours too and thanks to Rachael for organising such a fun RR.

North Pole Post Office was out again this week on Wednesday for the Parlour evening at NH, a little more progress and we now have the post office and the mailbox.

Apologies to the stocking-a-long ladies as i wont be joining you this evening, but i did stitch on mine earlier this week instead. The top border is now being added.  I really am loving stitching on this each week.

I'm sorry to say that i wont be stitching on it next Friday either ladies, but I do have a good excuse! Hubby and i are off for a little spring break next week to the south coast.  I've kitted up a little new start just in case i get time to put in a stitch or two whilst away.

I've finished reading Educating Jack and it was an enjoyable read.  Having been involved with school life in a primary school myself, it's obvious that the author has many years experience in schools as a headteacher and a lot of the things that he talks about and describes and the conversations he has with the small children do sometimes make you laugh out loud when reading.  It's fun to read the Yorkshire dialect of the village characters too, but i'm not sure i would read any of the others as i feel they probably would be much the same. 

Camera is packed and i'll share our adventure/trip next time i blog.  We're keeping our fingers crossed from some nice sunshine, but just really looking forward to a nice relaxing break.

See you soon


  1. All of the projects look beautiful! I hope you have a lovely time on your trip : )

  2. Julia, your RR turned out perfectly! Sometimes you just don't know what you're going to get back when they go out.

    Good progress on both the post office and the stocking.

    Enjoy your trip!!!

  3. Have a lovely trip & lovely updates on your stitching! That RR is stunning, well done x

  4. Beautiful RR and lovely progress on your stocking and Santa's Village.

    Enjoy your break :)

  5. The RR is gorgeous! Great progress on the WIPs too. Enjoy your break

  6. Beautiful RR - the ladies did a wonderful job.

    Both of your stitching pieces are also looking fabulous - a very good excuse not to be stitching next Friday. Have a lovely break - where are you going? Fingers crossed the sun will shine and the rain will stay away.

  7. What a lovely RR and great stitching. Hope you have a pleasant break.

  8. Hello

    The RR looks lovely, I like band samplers.
    Your other wips are looking good too!
    Happy weekend!

  9. Lovely stitching on the band sampler, you must be relieved to get it home though!
    Isabell's stocking is coming on wonderfully :-) I'm afraid that I was unable to stitch on mine tonight either, I am going to sit down for a couple of hours with it tomorrow afternoon instead.

    have a lovely break, I hope the weather is kind to you and you have plenty of sunshine!

  10. Great projects!! Enjoy your trip!

  11. What a fun RR, and it turned out lovely! Great progress on both of your WIPs. Have fun on you trip!

  12. Have a nice vacation Julie! I love how your RR turned out. So pretty! I like the idea of a specialty stitch band RR. Great progress on your Santa's Village project and the stocking!

  13. Your RR is lovely. Great progress on your wips. Have a fantastic break away.

  14. Gorgeous RR, congratulations to all those who worked on it. Lovely progress on your other projects. Hope you enjoy your Spring break.

  15. Wow, your RR turned out gorgeous, love the colors and the various stitches. The bees at the top were a great way to start it, that mag is in my stash so think I'll go dig it out and see the whole design you picked it from. Your stocking is looking beautiful too, have fun on your getaway.

  16. What lovely work you have shared. Enjoy your little break

  17. You have been so busy but WOW, everything is turning out so lovely!

  18. Your stitching is beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful time during your trip.

    BTW. I send you an email, because you won my give away. You can see it on my blog.

  19. It's such a great RR! So pretty. The bees are my favorite part, of course. :)

    Have fun on your break!!!!!

  20. Your RR looks lovely Julie, and your stocking and the North Pole Post Office too.

    Hope you have a lovely break!

  21. How wonderful to see the work of so many stitchers on your RR, Julie...It looks just beautiful--especially the bee's hive! And what a pretty border on Isabelle's stocking...

    I hope you have a lovely vacation and enjoy some wonderful weather :)

  22. I am glad you are happy with it Julie, What are you going to do with it...frame, cushion etc?
    That stocking is lovely!!


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