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Monday, 4 March 2013

Go Babar ....

First Monday of the month so that means it's time to post out the Speciality Stitches RR.

This time it's the last posting for me, Angie will be getting hers back home and i'm now awaiting the return of mine now it's been to the homes of 5 other stitchers.

Here's how Angie's looks all finished

I've really enjoyed stitching on all the different fabrics and choosing the different colours to stitch with.  It's been fun looking to see what speciality stitches others have added and trying to think of something different to add.  There was no chart to follow, you just had to do 3 rows and keep to the width the 'owner' had decided on.  Thanks ladies it's been a fun RR.

Isabelle has taken a liking to Babar the elephant.  I found a stitching chart for him in one of my books and it showed a stuffed toy on the picture.  Brain cells into overdrive, could i make one?  I was sure i had a knitting pattern for an elephant..... you know how it is, that idea pops into your head, you just have to search out supplies and get cracking with it immediately .... do you have those times too? Not a moment to waste or the idea might drift off never to be thought of again.

No green wool the right shade.... oh no ... a Saturday afternoon trip out and we sourced it at the third shop we visited, a little pricey but well worth it if the idea works.  Saturday evening till late was spent knitting all the little bits and Sunday morning he came to life.  After a little modification, the addition of a shirt front and collar, a little red bow tie and some sewing to outline his jacket, and of course his very kingly crown, here's the little chap.

Does he look (even a little) like the one in the picture?
She loves him and he was last seen tucked under her arm as grandpa put her in the car for mummy to take her home after their visit for tea yesterday.  I'm sure it wont be long before he is thrust into the bottom of the toy box and something else takes her fancy, but for now, i am one happy nanny who created a very big smile on a little girls face just by a few hours with wool and a bit of imagination and the 'sank you nanny' that was said when she gave me a big hug just melted my heart.  
Friday was Stocking-A-Long evening and Maggie joined us this week so that makes us 5 stitching a stocking on Fridays now - me, Linda, CatherineRiona and Maggie, you are very welcome to join us if you have a stocking project.  Nativity Stocking had a camel arrive this week.  I'm looking forward to a blog read to see how the other ladies are getting on with theirs.
Today we've had a beautiful day, the sun is shining and dare i say it, i think Spring might just be round the corner, lets hope so. 
Much love



  1. The speciality stitches are fabulous and I love babar, so, so cute

  2. aww sweet..cute little ellie..
    hugs x

  3. Oh, your Babar is so adorable, Julie--he was always one of my favorite books when I was little :) Glad to see the younger generation still loves him, too!

  4. What an amazing job you did with creating Babar - no wonder your grandaughter was so pleased with her nanny.

    The stocking is looking fantastic too.

  5. Your stocking is lovely and I will be delighted to track your progress on it.

  6. Oh, Julie! Babar is precious!! I can just imagine how much she loved him. Your stocking is coming along nicely, too. It's going to be so pretty!!


  7. Oh my your Babar is more than wonderful!!! What an excellent job, I'm sure he will always be treasured because of all the love you put into him! Lovely stocking too. I just discovered your blog and will now always be a regular follower. Blessings and Peace, Shari in KY

  8. Julie your Babar is just great, how clever you are. I am sure that Isabelle will treasure it. The RR looks lovely too.

  9. Great job on Babar, Julie. Adorable!!
    RR looking lovely as well as the stocking.

  10. Barbar looks great,and yes looks just like th picture,clever you,rr looks great too,Angie is going to love it.
    Stocking is looking great too,love the camel

  11. Babar is looking fabulous, and I'm sure Isabelle will always love him! Great work on the specialty stitch RR, and your stocking is wonderful, too.

  12. Awww, great job on Babar. He looks adorable and spot on!

  13. Lovely finish on the speciality stitches. Barbar is gorgeous, well done Nanny. Your stocking is coming along great.

  14. How sweet is Barbar so cute.
    Love the start of your stocking and the fab round robin. hugs.

  15. Barbar is splendid!
    Love the band sampler too

  16. How lucky is Izzie in having a nanny like you.Absolutely brilliant Babar (i thought my name had been spelt wrong for a mo,lol). I am sure it will be treasured.
    Nice job on the R/R and like the look of the stocking too.
    Sun shining here too.

  17. Your Babar elephant is so sweet!! I used to read the books when I was little ☺

  18. Julie that Babar is adorable!

    The stocking is coming along nicely!

  19. Great progress on your stocking, i will have burn some of the midnight oil on Friday's to catch up with you all :-)
    You did a great job in creating Barbar! I bet Isabelle's face was a picture when she saw what Nanny had made her, I'm sure she will have many happy hours playing with him!

  20. He's such a cute little guy. I fell in love with him whenI visited his home country for the first time many many years ago. I'm sure that Isabelle will enjoy him for as long time.
    Great progress on the stocking and on Shores (in your last posts).

  21. The RR looks great all finished up. Looking forward to seeing your's now.

    Babar is great too, very recognisable.


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