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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Farewell to February

My sidebar memory jogger for February so i could try and keep on track of everything i wanted to achieve this month seems to have had an much better effect, its most definately worked to make me more productive.

What did i plan to achieve when i filled in the memory jogger at the end of January?

Make progress on Shores of Hawk Run Hollow
YES - i finished Block and 9 and have made this progress on Block 10

Wednesday SAL in the Parlour - CCN Santa Village
YES - finished Santas House and have started Poinsettia Place

Friday Stocking-A-Long with online stitchers
YES - This started 1st February and i stitched every Friday - Friday again tomorrow, so a progress pic next update.

Monthly Challenge @ NH
YES - This month it was Threadwork Primitives - showed my finish in the last post as reveal day is the last Sunday of the month.

Monthly Christmas Ornament SAL @ NH
YES - I chose the freebie Xmas Time from The Primitive Hare - this was actually the Nov/Dec challenge but didn't get done.  It was stitched earlier this month but only made up just in time to still be in Feb .... talk about leaving things till the last minute!

Speciality Stitches RR
YES - post out was beginning of  Feb and it went on time, it was stitched late January.
The next one belongs to Angie (no blog) and will be heading home all finished.  It's stitched and send out is beginning of March - will post pic when it's been posted on.

I've also manged some things that were not on the list. Miss Valentine bunny went to Kate in the valentine draw and a cardigan for Isabelle that had been a WIP was finished and of course the Whitman Tin finish that was for Barbs birthday.

Reading comprised of just one Agatha Raisin adventure - There Goes the Bride and also Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult, both of which i thoroughly enjoyed.

The Book Borrowers continues to thrive and this year we've joined the local library as a group. We can then have enough copies of the same book to all read at the same time.  I've delegated some jobs to group members and the lady responsible for our library services made the first choice herself for our bi-monthly selection. 

February's choice was Kind of Cruel by Sophie Hannah.

None of the group had read this author before.  Unfortunately i dont think we will be reading her again either. One lady read the whole book, i persevered and only managed to get half way through and all the others didn't want to continue after the first few chapters.  Has anyone else read her books? What did you think to them?  Lets hope when the next member chooses the book for April we have more success.

The months inbetween the library choice we'll be having the mystery book in a bag again.  Books have been found by myself this time.  As the ladies are using their book bags for their ongoing reads every week, i have wrapped up the books in newspaper and they will get to choose one at next Tuesdays meeting.  This was very successful last year and means you get to read authors you might not usually take off the shelves.  I'll let you know which one of them i came home with.

At the moment i'm reading I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith.  I've also seen this recommended on a few blogs in recent months.  It's an enjoyable read so far and a vintage classic book being first published way back in 1949 and selling over a million copies then.  That is some book sales for that era.

I've also been lucky to receive a lovely RAK in the post this week. Gaynor over at Stitcheranon sent me a large squishy envelope containing all this lovely wool.  Thank you so much Gaynor for your kindness.  If you haven't been over to her blog, please do, she does the most amazing craftwork and is an inspiration to us all with her positivity and enthusiasm for everything.

Just goes to show if i am organised and not pondering and dithering about what to do, i can get lots of quality time in with my crafting and reading.

Let's hope March is just as good, i'm about to update the 'memory jogger' again for next month lol.

Wishing you many happy hours enjoying your hobbies during March.


  1. What a productive month! Good for you! I was just thinking that I need to update my goals for next month, too! Thanks for the reminder! : )


  2. Wow another busy month for you love all your stitching again, whats the best book you have read in the last year Julie I have just started to enjoy my reading again.

  3. Goodness, you have done a lot this month! The Christmas freebie is really cute. Good progress on your WIPs! And all that reading, too! Congrats!

  4. Wow you did a lot in Feb, Great idea for the memory jogger, I have my sticky notes on my homepage that I use. I'd be lost without them!

  5. The memory jogger certainly did help you be very, very productive - well done on getting so much done.

    Might just read some of the books you've listed as I'm always on the lookout for different authors.

    Happy stitching tomorrow. x

  6. Lovely progress on your projects. I love the HRH charts. I'm yet to indulge though ,lol .
    I've been given some wool lately and have just picked it up tonight to make my daughter yet another scarf. I't pink and fluffy , very her ,lol .

  7. Sounds like you had a very productive month Julie! Love the ornie finish!

  8. Congratulations Julie you've had a great month!
    I love your ornament finish, i printed that off too but thought it was going to stitch up too big, now that I've seen how lovely your's has stitched up I will definitely be doing it at some point his year :-)

    Sounds like your having fun with the book borrowers, i've had my name down to join the reading group at the library for months now but there aren't any places yet unfortunately. I haven't read anything by that author so can't comment.

    have a great weekend x

  9. think I could do with a memory jogger
    well done on all your achievements too .... not read that author ... so sorry can't help there :) love mouse xxxx

  10. You've had a busy month Julie, loads of great stitching there.
    I've never read anything by that author. A book has to be genuinely awful before I'll give up part way through, I don't think I've ever done it more than a couple of times, so the fact that so many of you abandoned that one doesn't encourage me to go out and buy it

  11. You are very welcome..I love the Christmas ornie. I did pick up needles after your last post, thank you. Will have something to show soon I think. I am going to ahve a word with my library about starting something is such a good idea!

  12. Nice! The Christmas ornament is just perfect!!! Have a lovely day x

  13. Hi Julie!
    Just thought I would do a catch up, although trying to catch up on a years worth is hard going. Wow your Granddaughetr is so big now!!! Just shows how long it has been!

    Rachael xx

  14. Glad your February was so productive, Julie--I really love your little ornament finish! And your mystery book in a bag idea sounds like fun... Perhaps I should look into something like that for my library... Have never heard of that author, but I will stay clear of her based on your review :)

  15. Great stitching! Congrats on the Xmas ornie catch-up too.

    I'm the exact opposite of Christine - I've read so many first chapters of books and no more. My excuse is that it's for work. You can get a good idea of a book and who it's aimed at by just reading the first chapter.

    I'm not a fan of crime fiction anyway. I love my Sci-fi and Fantasy.

    Your memory joggers are a great idea too.

  16. You sure been busy for last month's goal...great job!
    I love how you finish the ornament.
    Happy weekend!

  17. Wow you have had a very productive month Julie. Everything looks gorgeous. Love the mystery book idea. Look forward to seeing your March roundup.

  18. What organization you have, planning out exactly what you will accomplish in stitching for the month. Impressive! Beautiful progress on HRH Block # 10 and CCN Poinsettia Place and sweet Christmas Time finish too.

    Blessings for a wonderful weekend!

  19. Oooo, look at all that purty wool.
    Your February was way more productive than mine, I tell you what. Go go go you!! :)


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