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Thursday, 8 March 2007

monthly ornament

at TS we're stitching an ornament a month, there's a theme posted and you can chose what you stitch, this months theme is poinsettia. I've chosen Earth Threads Poinsettia Ornament from Just Cross Stitch Ornament Edition 2003, in the mag it's in a tuck hanger but i wanted something different so chose to make it in this. I stitched it at the stitchy club last night and made it up today

I know i said i was taking JN 12 Days to the stitchy club each week, but this week i've been busy with Leo and knew that if i got the JN out i wouldn't continue with Leo for the rest of the week, so decided to do the ornie instead LOL (another crossed off the stitching plans for March!)

Paula, i'll post a pic of Leo at the weekend for you so you can see how she's growing- OK ??

off now to check up on what everyone's been up to .....


  1. I like your orni, LOL dont bother going to my blog I havent updated yet

  2. Hi Julie, love the ornie, it's gorgeous.
    Looking forward to seeing Leo at the weekend,
    Huggles and Happy stitching

  3. This is so pretty Julie. I love the way you have made the design into a needleroll.

  4. You're ornament is lovely Julie.

    Looking forward to seeing Leo. I hope we're not going to have to get Mr Big Stick round to make you keep stitching it!


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