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Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Horrible weather

Who said spring had sprung ???? not here it hasn't, there is a bitterly north wind and it's so cold. I think we've had every kind of weather in the last 2 days. Mr Moe and Midge have decided that the best place to be is asleep on mums bed all curled up and cosy, think they have the right idea !!!

This afternoon i decided to do week 3 of the hardanger SAL at Jayne's Attic, it's the cutting week and you need to sit in good light to do it, I think i've got the hang of it now as i managed it without any problems this time. Didn't feel up to much yesterday and didn't even switch the PC on !! so last night i decided i needed a colourful fix and made a start on Day 7 of the JN, didn't get much done, just wasn't in the mood to concentrate, quite a few stitchers seem to be feeling like this right now, wonder if there's a 'stitchers bug' going around LOL

This weekend i'm supposed to be starting the Chatelaine Lavendar Mandala with Sally and Lisa This will be my 1st project by Martina Weber and i'm looking forward to trying one of her designs, this one is from the Gift of Stitching October 2006 issue

Thanks for the comments on my blog, you really brighten my day. I love to read your blogs and see what you have all been stitching and of course it's a great way to find new ideas and things to stitch


Karen said...

Your SAL looks great , I hope you enjoy stitching the Martina Weber peice, I did one of hers last year it came out very well

Sally said...

Yout hardanger piece is looking lovely Julie.

I'm looking forward to stitching the Chatelaine with you and Lisa. I think I sorted my threads last week ( CRAFT moment) so just need to sort my fabby.

Hope you are keeping warm. It's freezing here again and we also had flood warnings last night! Thankfully we're high up!

Paula said...

Awww poor Kitties Julie, are they feeling the cold?? lol
Your sal looks great, looking forward to seeing the next one when you have it started it.
Hope you are staying warm and ditch the stitching bug soon.
Huggles and Happy Stitching....