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Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Victorian Rose

just when i think i have mastered the french knot with good old DMC, this chart calls for it with the silk threads, aarrrggghhhh...... thats not quite what i said when i was doing them, but i daren't print here what i did say LOL. They are the best that they are going to be as I am not frogging them out again!!

The final part of the huswif has arrived too, so i need to find some time to put that together and finish it off, i think that will have to wait till the weekend though.

**Helen, this is by Victoria Sampler, to see the finished design, click the link in the Plans for June


  1. what did you say hmmmmm? lol
    it looks good so far

  2. ooohh can't wait to see the huswif, and nice to see your progress

  3. your fks look fine Julie and its a very pretty design who is it by?

  4. That is really pretty Julie and your french knots are lovely. You could always use beads instead of them......
    Looking forward to seeing the next update on your huswife
    huggles and happy stitching...


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