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Sunday, 3 June 2007

isn't it typical ...

the day i hand over the replacement mini to my postmaster with strict instructions of what he can expect if he loses this one ... and Brenda sends me a note to say the first one has arrived with her !!! The heart shaped design was the original, and as the replacement doesn't need to be secret i thought i'd share it now instead of waiting for it to arrive, it might take another 6 weeks LOL

I had the sewing machine out again. A friend came over last week as i was going through my finished stitching and trying to decide what to do with some of them (i'm sure you all have some of these!) she liked the look of the LHN /CCN Breast Cancer one, and as she's a breast cancer survivor herself, i've made it into a cushion for her and i also finished off the Margaret Sherry cat poem from the WOCS Mag that i stitched in 2004 ... has it really been in the drawer that long LOL

Paula, i hope you have a lovely Bank Hol weekend. The weather is beautiful and sunny here and i've just had my breakfast outside on the patio under the umbrella, so continental !!! Enjoy your Sunday and happy stitching.


  1. lovely stitching as usual Julie, I love the first card I am glad it arrived

  2. Happy that the card didn´t get lost in the mail after all. :-) Your finishes looks great as always. Hope you have had a great weekend.

    All the best,

  3. I'm happy to hear that the 1st card you sent has arrived--it's too pretty to be lost in the mail. All of your finishes are lovely!!

  4. Such pretty stitching, congratulations ;)

  5. Your heart is lovely, good thing it wasn't lost after all!

  6. Julie those cushions are lovely. Do you want me to send you my finishing stuff? I look at the pile every day and think I should get my machine out, but it never happens. LOL.

  7. Wow, Julie, your finishes are gorgeous. So when are you coming to give me some lessons? LOL!

    I'm glad the card turned up after all. Must have been on a slow boat to China! Did you threaten your post master with Mr Stick?

  8. Hi Julie, thank you I had a lovely relaxing weekend but it rained the whole time and today when I go back to work the sun is shining and it's gorgeous outside, how typical is that!!!
    lovely stitching Julie, as always. I love how you finished off the Margaret Sherry cat, gosh, can't believe it's nearly 3 years since you stitched it, it only seems like a few months ago...


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