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Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Naughty me!!

Tonights the stitchy club and i don't want to take Leo or VS with me, soooooooooo i've been ever so bad and kitted up Sheepish Designs 'Wabbit's Wonder' that Lisa kindly sent to me a while back. I've chosen 27ct red linda for it and will be using WDW threads. It's only a little one and will be stitched in no time, of course that means that Leo has not been out again this month yet (yes Sally i know i said i would get her out this week, i can hear you tutting lol)

I've posted out the ornament for the exchange, so just waiting for it to arrive at it's destination then you can see it


  1. Hi Julie, enjoy stitchy club tonight, now more stitching and less
    Happy stitching.....and huggles to you...

  2. Hope you have fun and get some stitching done

  3. That new start looks like fun

  4. If Sally is muttering just put your earplugs in Julie and go with what you want to do lol. Have fun at your club.

  5. Hope you enjoyed your stitching club last night Julie. I think you should go with what you feel like stitching, it is meant to be enjoyable after all, that's why I don't have a rotation.

  6. It's a stitcher's perogative to change her mind you know Julie! LOL! So no need for Helen's earplugs as I'm not muttering! LOL!


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