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Saturday, 9 June 2007

Ruby Rainbow

A lady at the stitchy club got permission to chart the logo for the 'Ruby Rainbow Appeal' and what a fantastic job she made of it too. We each bought a chart for £1 donation and are busy making little fund raisers to be sold for the cause. We were invited into the radio station yesterday to pre-record an interview and hand over 8 coasters, 2 bookmarks, 3 keyrings, 2 scented sachets and a childs summer top that one lady had stitched it onto using waste canvas. We explained to listeners that the charts will be available to purchase from the radio station open centre and at various other fund raising locations during the year, so they too can stitch and sell goodies. I’ve been stitching the keyrings and i've also done a couple of scented sachets I was there when Mark & Andy had full leg waxes to raise money a few weeks back (pics in the link above) that was so funny ... and they thought it wouldn't be painful LOL

Thanks for stopping by to read my ramblings, hope you have a good weekend whatever you've got planned


  1. Very nice. I'm sure these items will raise a nice sum of money for the charity!

  2. What a nice thing to do, and the keyring is cute ;)

  3. lovely little key rings, well done for helping such a worth while course. I had to laugh at the mens faces, I think ALL men should go through it to see how we women suffer lol

  4. The keyring is lovely Julie,well done.
    Are you getting some sunshine this weekend? It's boiling here, too hot for me....

  5. well done on the fund raising the keyring is great

  6. Lovely little keyring Julie, and what a nice thing to be able to use your hobby to support such a worthwhile cause.

  7. The keyring is lovely Julie. Great fundraising for a very good cause.


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