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Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Ornament Exchange

Robin let me know she received the ornament i sent across the pond for the 'Christmas in July' exchange, so now i can show it. It's from 2003 JCS Ornament mag and is by Needlecrafts Unlimited Company. Did anyone guess which one it was !!!!!


  1. Very pretty ornament you made for Robin ;)

  2. The ornament is gorgeous Julie.

  3. So pretty, I love the colour

  4. Julie the ornament is very pretty I am glad this one made it to it's new home alot faster than the last exchange did

  5. That is really delicate and understanted. Very pretty Julie


  6. oh so very pretty Julie, you made a really nice job with that one.

  7. Hi julie, aww the ornament is gorgeous.
    Ohhh I love the Ladybugs and Bumble bees and the Rose in the Morning, they are both so pretty. Looking forward to seeing them stitched up.
    Happy stitching and huggles to you....

  8. This ornament is ever so pretty, I really like it Julie.


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