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Thursday, 7 June 2007

Stitching Accessory Exchange

Su was my partner in the exchange at Jayne's Attic and today she received my exchange piece. Here's what i decided to stitch for her, it's by 'Elizabeth Designs' and I made it into a mini needleroll. Can't wait to receive mine, i wonder who my partner is and what she's chosen to stitch for me?

we nearly had a 3 legged cat when Midge decided to help out in the garden with DH pruning the heads off the roses!!!


  1. what a lovely mini needle roll, so sweet. I love the scissor/pin keeper too, I've not seen one like that before. Well done

  2. I just love the needleroll that you made for Su, Julie. This exchange is a lot of fun and part of it is not knowing where your packet is coming from. :-)
    Have a lovely day.

    All the best,

  3. Your needleroll is quite lovely ;)

  4. Beautiful Julie, Sue is very lucky to get such a lovely gift. I hope you enjoy your gift too and knowing what beautiful stitching some of the girls on the attic do I am sure it will be nice.

  5. Such a pretty little needleroll that you stitched for Su!!

  6. Have just seen your needleroll on Su's blog Julie and had to come straight over to tell you how gorgeous I thought it was. Su is a very lucky partner! :o)

  7. That is a lovely needleroll you made for Su Julie.

    Love the piccie of Midge. He looks so funny.

  8. Julie, the needleroll is gorgeous your partner will love it.
    Awww look at Midge lol, mad kittycat
    Huggles and Happy stitching....

  9. I adore my needleroll - thankyou so much its really stunning and you are very talented both as a stitcher and finisher - thankyou.


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