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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Round Robin

I've spent a lovely morning with DD today seeing what things she has already bought for the new addition and working out whats left to purchase. She's much improved and returning to work.

I took with me the little cardigan i've been knitting to show her how its coming on. I just need to find 2 little pink buttons to add, i'm sure i have some new baby buttons leftover from when i knitted baby things before, if not, i'll have to make a trip to the wool shop to buy some .... oh no that will be shame a wont it LOL

Round Robin
As promised in my last post, here's my Round Robin. All Our Yesterdays was one of the first designs i stitched when i moved on from tapestry work to cross stitch all those years ago.

After delving into the 'chart box of no return' and coming across an old chartbook i thought it would be nice to use the AOY numbers 2011 to show the year that the round robin was stitched as it will be my first time having a go at one. I have made a change though, my number 1 has a different person than graphed as i didn't want there to be two people the same, so i chose the little girl from number 4 for mine.

The title wording is from an old magazine and was one of those 'pop into your head' type moments when you remember seeing something and wondering if it might just work. You search and search for said magazine and when you finally unearth it its perfect for the purpose you need it for. On the magazine it's a sampler alphabet so i charted it onto graph paper and hey presto, it looks fine now its stitched on. We're also adding our names to the bottom of each design.

Feb 1st is the first post out date and mine will be off to Hazel. Clare will be sending hers onto me. The fourth person joining us is Tina, i have no idea at all what design Tina has chosen for hers she's keeping it a secret or maybe she hasn't decided yet!! The others have been posted on the respective blogs if you want to take a look.

Not quite the end of the month yet, so that means i still have a few days to whip up a monthly Christmas ornament for January.

Make time for your craft, its the best medicine a girl can have!


  1. Glad that your daughter is feeling better :) That is just the sweetest little pink cardigan! Hope you don't have to stop at the yarn shop...wink, wink!!!

  2. Glad your daughter is doing better. The sweater is so very cute. I suggest a trip to the yarn, because you know you knit more little sweaters.

  3. That is such a sweet little pink sweater. I love knitting and crocheting baby things I hope you find some buttons.
    I like your choice for the RR.
    Aren't they fun? It has been a while since I participated in one.
    I am going to have to share some pics. I think I have at least 6 of them.

  4. I'm glad you daughter is feeling better.
    That little pink cardigan is just so adorable!

    Good luck with your RR, i love the 'Stitching Friends' you charted at the top too :-)

  5. That's great your DD is back to work.
    That little cardigan is the cutest, most adorable.
    That would be shameful if you had to step into the wool shop, lol
    Have fun with the RR.

  6. Enjoy your RR. The cardigan is so cute, I really hope you don't have to go to the wool shop ;-))

  7. Glad your daughter is feeling better. That cardigan is sooooo cute. Good job!!

  8. Lovely cardigan Julie. The designs you have chosen for your RR are very nice - such a good idea, I am looking forward to seeing it.

  9. Love the cardigan. Your RR looks great - look forward to seeing your progress on them.

  10. Oh Julie I remember that pattern well if I remember rightly it is 3 ply. What a lovely nanna you will make. Glad to hear dd is improving she will start to bloom now.
    Sounds and looks as if your RR will be lovely,well done.

  11. Lovely Julie. Look forward to getting it through. x

  12. Oh no! Not the wool shop! You poor thing!
    Great start on your RR
    Glad DDis feeling better

  13. wow, the sweater is gorgeous!!! what a treasure it will be!!
    Love the AOY charts....great choice for your how you made the change as well!!!

  14. So glad to hear that Amy is doing much better now. What a sweet cardigan you knitted:)

    Love your rr. Can't wait to see more of it.

  15. Oh, Julie--that little pink sweater is adorable. Your knitting is just beautiful.

    So happy to hear that your daughter is doing better, too.

    It will be fun to watch your RR grow--I love the theme you've chosen. I need to get my ornament for January finished up, too--I've been very slow this month!

  16. Glad to hear your daughter is feeling well enough to go back to work, what an adorable sweater you have knitted up for the baby!

    Wow so much planning is going into your RR, its going to be wonderful!

  17. Hi Julie

    I thought I had left a comment on this as the pattern is very like one I knitted years ago, so here I am trying again.. it is lovely and such a delicate shade of pink, beautiful.
    Happy knitting and stitching
    Chris x
    PS Pop along and sign up for my RAK

  18. What a sweet cardigan!

    I love your RR idea! How smart of you to put in the little girl. It looks like she belongs there :o)


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