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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Challenge reveal & ornament

Time to reveal this months challenge piece. The design this time was Petit Chat by Tralala. It was the perfect design to go into a coaster to add to a friends little birthday gift.

I added Twinnings Speciality mixed teabags, a floral mug, some tasty biscuits and the stitched coaster and put them all into a small indoor planter that she could plant up with something colourful. It was then wrapped in some pretty cellophane and a big ribbon bow added. The album is full of lovely finishes this month, you can see it here. Well done ladies.

This month has flown by, but by the skin of my teeth i've managed to get an ornament stitched and finished for January.

I'm sure you all recognise this one from 2010 JCS ornament mag, it's by Little House Needleworks and called Happy Skater.

No idea of the colour of the fabric, a nice creamish handyed ornament cut in 32ct linen, very soft linen too, i wish i did know what it was LOL

Wool from Christine

DD finally made a decision what she wanted knitting with the lovely baby wool Christine so kindly sent to me.

She thought it was too nice to make a blanket so here's a little plain cardigan. It really is lovely and soft and knitted up so quickly. The peachy colour is gorgeous, we love it - thanks again Christine.

It's cough, splutter, sneeze in this house and guess what, it's not me! DH seems to have caught it now. I've told him i didn't share my germs someone else must have been really kind to him. He's fast asleep in bed on a Sunday afternoon, not at all like him so he must be feeling poorly. I'm keeping away from him, i seem to be improving with every day and i dont want it back again.

Our city has won an award for the Best Market in the country. It's such a great place to visit with so many different cultures and things on offer for sale. I think we take it for granted as its on our doorstep though. Do you have a market where you live? Do you visit and buy from it often?

Take care, i hope all is well in your part of the world.


  1. Hi Julie
    What a lovely gift basket, I bet your friend loves it.
    What a lovely ornament, one year I will do one a month!! LOL
    Cute Cardy, oh reminds me of when mine were that small AWWWWW!! I hope Amy is wellin her pregnanct, and I hope DH gets better soon and you don't catch it!

  2. What a lovely present, anyone would love it.

  3. A thoughtful gift for your friend Julie, and the finishes are lovely too.
    We do not have a market you are so lucky, we do have a punch and judy though lol.

  4. That's a lovely gift basket. Your ornament and baby sweater are cute.

    No market where I am as far I know of. I have searched.

    Back home in Rochester, NY we had a farmer's market that was open on Wednesday and Saturday.

    Envious of your markets over there.

  5. Lovely gift basket. I love your ornament and cardy. Hope your DH gets well soon.

  6. Such a cute gift finish and I loved the way you wrapped it! The green planter is such a perfect idea and useful.

    Kudos on such a pretty ornament finish too!

    happy stitching...

  7. What a lovely gift for your friend, Isn't it nice to be able to include a made pressie too, my friend Yvonne always has some thing nade from me for her birthday..
    Love that wool too.
    How is your DD, when mine was having her first I wanted to do it for her as she was so sick and uncomfortable. but she coped, bless!

    Hugs Chris x

  8. What a great gift, and I love all your finishes.

  9. Julie,

    What a wonderful gift basket you made. I like your ornament. That linen looks great.

    I hope your husband feels better soon and that you stay well and steer clear of any more illness.

  10. What a darling ornament, Julie--love the ric-rac hanger! And what a sweet peachy cardigan--you are a wonderful knitter!

  11. Great finishes on the challenge and ornament Julie, and its nice to see that wool knitted up.
    I used to love shoping in the market when we lived in Leicester, I remember getting fruit and veg from Gary Lineker's dad's stall. Is that still there?
    Hope DH feels beter soon

  12. Your challenge piece contributed to a lovley gift - it's so nice when our stitching can double as something useful as well as decorative.
    The little cardigan is so pretty in that colour and your ornament is lovely too.
    Hope DH is soon recovered.

  13. OMG that gift basket is awesome! I love the coaster design and putting it all into the lovely green planter box is a fabulous idea!

    The January ornament is precious and will be pretty on the tree! Now, you have to stitch the freebie to go with!

    Poor DH! I hope he feels better very soon. If it wasn't your cold he caught then you might catch his -watch out!

  14. What a lovely and wonderful gift idea for your friend! Great ornie and what a lovely cardigan you stitched up for your grandbaby!

  15. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog the other day. I'm glad to have found yours :) The market where we live is ok for fruit and veg but rather rubbish for anything else in my opinion. Luckily it is not too far to get to all the wonderful markets in London and surrounding areas. I am hoping to get to Greenwich Market this Saturday as they are great for crafty things. Rachael Xx

  16. Beautiful finish Julie and a lovely gift basket for your Friend, I'm sure she will be delighted
    sweet little cardigan, how lovely for your little Grand-daughter to be, to have a wonderful Grandma who can knit so lovely clothes for her
    I hope your hubby recovers soon, and wear a mask when you have to go near him lol MY hubby has it too, he'd beter keep it to himself

  17. Great excitement DH is emptying the loft. He has just brought down a bag of wool and in with it. were some baby patterns and one was the one you've knitted for your DD!!

    Hows that???
    Chris x
    You didn't sign up for my givaway?

  18. Love the finished ornament!! There are some great finishes in that challenge album too. I'm going to have get that pattern for sure. lol

  19. I love your ornament finish Julie, and the way you have put that gift together is just so lovely :-)

    That wool from Christine knitted up a treat:-)

    No chance of anywhere around here winning the best market award, they have all but closed down every market we had, the big shopping malls put paid to them witch is a shame, i love a good mooch around a market!

  20. What a great idea for a gift basket! The coaster is perfect for it. We have a large market here in Swansea, but apart from the fruit/veg and fish counters, there's not much worth looking at in there unfortunately

  21. What a thoughtful gift you made up for your friend Julie. The cat is so cute. Seen that somewhere before- I wonder where it was lol!

    Love your ornament finish.

    Sweet little cardigan. I used to love knitting for my two. Maybe one day I'll be knitting for their babes :)

  22. What a fab gift to it!

  23. An amazing gift! Wow you are in Leicester.I joined the RAF in Leicester about 2 months before the IRA bombed the offices. It was an amazing market even then.

  24. Lovely Gift basket and I hope your husband feels better soon.

  25. That cardigan looks so soft, warm and cozy! I could use that right now ;o) LOL!

    Great finishes Julie!

    We had a nice market where we lived in NB. That's one thing I do miss.

    Hope your DH is feeling better by now.


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