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Monday, 10 January 2011

Can it really be 10th Jan?

.... this month is whizzing by faster than ever don't you think?

Three ladies at the stitching club have birthdays this month. As regular readers of my blog know, i always give them a jar of my homemade marmalade and also a small stitched gift. This year i decided their little gift would be a covered tape measure. I know they don't have one of these and added their initial so no squabbling over who has whose on a Wednesday evening.

Grand Marquoir has been out this week, another 3 motifs added, soooo close to a finish with this now.

I've ordered the fabric to start the year long 2011 SAL of Shores of Hawk Run Hollow which will replace GM in my workbox and am waiting for it to arrive and my round robin is also planned out on paper. I just need to grid the fabric and add my part before i send it on to the next person at the end of the month.

This afternoon DD is off to the hospital for another scan. She'll be phoning me after to let me know the sex of the baby. She has been quite poorly recently and after a visit to the dr was admitted to hospital on Wednesday evening. They checked her out and she was ordered home to rest and await the results of the tests they did and what medication she can have that is both safe for her and the baby as she is allergic to certain antibiotics.

I forgot to show you these little bootees that i knitted and added to her Christmas stocking for baby when i showed the Christmas goodies i made.

Cathey has been in touch with her address after winning the blogoversary. I asked if she would like a surprise stitched item or a knitted bunny. Bunny it was, so i'm still "giving birth" to them in 2011 LOL

I hope 2011 has started well for you and life is happy in your part of the world


  1. Fab gifts for your stitching girls!! Your GM is looking great too. OOOO how exciting for you Grandma...hope DD is taking it easy. Cathey is in for a treat your bunnies are too cute xx

  2. Great gifts for your stitching friends. Lovely progress on your GM.

  3. The covered tape measure are so pretty and practical, your stitching club friends will love them.
    So, pink or blue? IMWTK

  4. What cute booties!! Those tape measure covers are a super idea!
    Hope DD is okay!!

  5. Love the tape measures and just adore the booties - hugs to DD x x

  6. Adorable little booties! And the tape measure covers are so clever. A very neat gift indeed.

  7. GM is looking great, not too far to go now! Best wishes to your DD.

  8. Lovely gifts for your stitching friends. GM is coming along well and the little bootees are so sweet. Hope DD is feeling better now.

  9. Those are some lucky gals! Great idea about the initials :o)

    Yes, you are SO close to being done!!!! I can't wait to see it :o) I'll be doing a HD for you.

    I'm sorry to hear about your daughter :o( I hope she and the baby will be okay. Please keep us updated.

    LOL! I can't wait for my bunny to be born. I'm one lucky gal as well :o)

  10. Lovely gifts your friends are so lucky

  11. I love those tape measures. You have very lucky friends.

    Those booties are pretty cute.

    I'm sorry to hear about your daughter. I hope she's on the mend soon.

  12. Beautiful gifts for the ladies. I love your tape measures! Ooooh GM is so nearly finished! All the best to your dd with her scan - it is such an exciting time. x

  13. wow, lucky girls in your group...those tape measures are gorgeous!!!!! so...a new grandbaby on the fun....praying your DD is doing better......

  14. Lovely tape measures Julie. I love mine.

    Oooh you are so close on GM. It looks gorgeous. Can't wait to see Shores when you start that. I hope you enjoy stitching it as much as I have. Not quite finished yet but hopefully soon!

    I hope Amy is better soon and that her scan went well {{{hugs}}}

  15. Julie: Who is running the SAL? I have the chart and have been thinking about starting it.

    Love the booties!

  16. Oh, you're so close to being finished with GM, Julie--can't wait to see the piece in its entirety! (Is that a word--it sounds weird to me!)... Love your tape measures too, what a thoughtful and useful gift for stitching friends.

    Looking forward to seeing what Cathey's bunny will look like--they are always so sweet :)

  17. oh Julie I love the tape measure finishes, they are beautiful, I'm sure the ladies will be delighted!

    lovely knitted booties, it's lovely to see newborn babies in knitted items, my 3 always had their hats booties and mitts on, but sadly it wasn't me who did the knitting it was my late Aunt

  18. those boots are made for walk'in !! lol. good work.


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