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Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Happy Birthday Cindy ...

and i can now reveal the card i stitched for her. She has 2 lovely house rabbits and this chart (PIF from Missy last year) Bent Creek 'The Littles - Bunny' seemed the perfect choice. Stitched on 28ct jobelan using WDW and GAST and the outer edge is stickers i received in an exchange parcel from the US, they just seemed to finish it off nicely

Tonight is UFO night at JA, i hope the 'twiglets' are astitching .....


  1. cute card, hope Cindy had a great birthday

  2. Cute little bunny card. So Sorry to hear about Miss Poppy. I hope you are feeling better with the head cold?
    Take care!!

  3. Aww cute bunny card!!
    I was good I did some stitching...promise!

  4. What a cute card Julie:) I bet Cindy loved it.

  5. Love both Karen & Cindy's cards. Great progress on your WIP too.
    Hope you're feeling much better.

  6. Julie,

    That is just about the cutest card that I've ever seen! I'm sure that Cindy must have loved it. What a sweet friend you are.

    Thanks for the nice comment about our recent pet adoption


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